How he plays…..

Couple of months ago when Casanova asked me to setup a threesome, he told me to ask at least three different female friends of mine for their availability on the same time and day. I immediately realized that’s how he books his women from  He would ask several people for the exact same time, hoping that one of them will be available for their first meeting/date.  If he can’t meet any of them, he knows that he could call one of his so called “girlfriend” to come over.  Since he has many lined up desperately wanting to see him, he can fill his evening with different women every single day.  He sometimes gives me a choice of time (ex. 7am, 4pm, 7pm…) but never really books few days ahead.  Womanizers gets bored easily, therefore wants a variety of women from younger to older, scientists, accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors etc… he’s not only using them for sex, but he wants information from them.  He always says to me “it’s business”, but these women have no idea that he’s using sex as a tool.

Casanova told me several times that he likes classy women, but what he actually meant was, he likes women who are inexperienced with men.  He used to tell me what kind of clothes he likes, and that he loves high heels and makeup.  When he sees his woman starting to change into his taste, he knows that he’s in control of her… If these women were experienced with men, they would know that she’s becoming a doll and losing her own taste.  I’ve had a decent amount of boyfriends before Casanova, and have dated a crazy amount of men last year, but majority of them enjoyed the casual side of me versus the high heels and makeup… they liked to see me without a makeup, while Casanova enjoyed my makeup.

If women were experienced with men, she would know how womanizers act differently from real boyfriends.  Real guys would keep asking for the next date, spend weekends together, and will let you leave your personal belongings at his place.  It’s in a woman’s genes to purposely leave her things behind, but Casanova will make sure that she doesn’t, or will ALWAYS hide them if she did.  I’ve seen so many evidences in his “playboy mansion” that I feel lucky to have found out about his womanizing (though it took me over four months to notice the red flags).

So why doesn’t Casanova’s women see the obvious?  The answer is simple…she’s NAIVE… she somehow rationalizes that “prince charming” chose her for a reason… that she somehow is unique and special to win his heart…



How he takes advantage of women…

Casanova probably has about 8-10 woman who believes they’re in an exclusive relationship, dreaming of their wedding.  As he did with me, he would make sure his women are fully spoiled, meaning they’re given a dream date that no other guy has done before, creates an illusion of being connected, and overly compliment to make her feel special and smart.  I’ve met a lot of guys after Casanova, and have NOT had a single person who could encourage or compliment like he does.  They say things like “I could stay in bed with you forever”, “Have you had a better snuggle than this? We’re a perfect fit” etc… which is nice to hear but doesn’t really sink in.  Anyway, Casanova will fully spoil and blinds her, makes her fall in LOVE with him, and eventually takes full control of her.  He will make her clean the apartment, gives her a shopping list, asks her to massage him etc.  She will be seeing less and less of him, but because Casanova never forgets to text/call everyday, she will quietly wait for him. He even texted me on Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve/Day, so I’m sure that he did the same for ALL of his women.

“Merry Christmas Eve… lot’s of working etc for me… trying to see fam as well… Hug… I’ll spend more time with you during next holidays… thanks for your patience… miss you…”

There was a time when I said to him, “You’re using SEX as a tool to get your errands done”, and he replied “Why not? All women wants sex with me!  It’s a girlfriends job to clean the apartment for his man”.  Though his women are treated like servants, I believe that women somehow rationalizes her act by thinking “I’m helping my boyfriend. I don’t want to upset him. I want to show him that I could be a good housewife”… Maybe they’re afraid of losing him… While she does whatever she’s told, he would be on looking for his next victim.


For about two months now, I’ve been sleeping with others myself, but it’s just been hard trying to juggle and worry about texting the wrong person or saying the wrong name. They stare at me with their puppy eyes waiting for me to tell them that “he’s the best”.  I don’t think that men believe in LOVE like women do, but they seem to be waiting for that special connection with me.  However, I’m sure they’re beginning to realize that it’s not happening and it’s not going to happen… And I know that it’s time to let them go..