How toxic he is…..

Confidence comes from experience.  Job, interview, cooking…. the more you practice, fear fades away and knowledge increases… which is no different with womanizing and he will only get better and better in his seduction skills.  When I first met Casanova last year, he was already an expert in dating, as he told me from the beginning that he’s had many first dates.  He acted like a rare gentleman in Silicon Valley, spent a lot of money and time with me, and took his time in foreplay and sex until he won over my skepticism.

Casanova is an extremely smart business person who leads a large group of executives from accounting and law firms.  I’ve listened to his business calls and sat in his meeting, so I know for a fact that he influences many people way over his age.  Through his accomplishments, he has gained more power and control over them, and has become extremely confident about his talent and says, “there’s nothing that I can’t solve”.

On top of his womanizing and business skills, he has become more athletic, upgraded his car and apartment among with other things around him.  He’s become the master of womanizing that I assume if he sent 15 mails on, 90% of women would immediately respond.  He would go on a first date with every one of them and eliminate anyone who insults him.  When a person becomes narcissistic as Casanova, he can’t take any type of criticism.  From there, he would have sex with anybody…..

He told me that he redecorated his “playboy mansion for business purpose”… meaning he’s made it easier for a woman to fall into his trap.  After he’s had the excitement of first sex, he only keeps the women who would benefit him.  I assume he keeps a variety of women, from accountants to lawyers, engineers, medical doctor, entrepreneurs, sales representatives from large software companies, etc.  It will probably only take him 2 dates for her to want Casanova so badly that she would start changing herself to become his IDEAL girlfriend.  It’s good for a woman to feel the need to be a better person, but Casanova would ask her to stop by at WholeFoods to get his groceries, go to FedEx to print his documents, wash his dishes and vacuum the apartment, research something on the internet, etc.  He would ask in a way a woman would feel like she’s involved and needed in his LIFE.  I know this because he’s asked me in the past, and whenever I visit his apartment, there’s so many evidences for me to track.


After dating with a lot of guys after Casanova, I’m finally waking up from his spell to recognize that REAL men will try to be compatible with me because they have flaws themselves.  They won’t demand or use me, but instead finds a way to accommodate my needs.  It’s NOT one-sided, and he tries call or see me every chance he gets.  How could I have forgotten that?  With Casanova, he will come up with ridiculous excuses like “I’m super swamped”.  He will only invite the girl over when she is needed for her part, or when his “first date” didn’t go as planed and suddenly becomes available.  Casanova will use sex as a tool to get her working like a servant.


2 thoughts on “How toxic he is…..

  1. OMG …. this sounds like my ex boyfriend- his name wasn’t Alan by any chance was it ?! What you describe here is a blueprint of the utterly vile experience I’ve just been through after being involved with this man , who co-incidentally liked to be known as ‘ Castro-nova ‘ amongst his sleazy male friends .
    It took me a long time to wake up from the spell you mention .

    • Thank you for your message and I’m sorry to hear that you’ve experienced the same. His name isn’t Alan, but if you see the similarities between Casanova, I’m sure you went through a lot of emotional stages too. When you realize that he doesn’t see you as much as you did, or when you found out about his womanizing, and also trying to find a new guy after him… I’m glad that you’re released and hope that you’ve found a guy who wants to make YOU happy instead of feeding his own fantasy.

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