What I’m learning from men…

When I decided to sleep with multiple men, I was warned from friends that I would be emotionally attached and end up in a mess with these men.  Well they were right about being in a mess… however, it’s not because I am emotionally attracted, but because I am NOT attracted.  It seems that the more I sleep, these men are expecting more than sex from me.  In stead of inviting me to their apartment, they want to take me to a trip, or want to take me to their favorite restaurant, or wanting to meet my friends…. So it’s actually the men who are getting emotional and not me.  I should be flattered by their reaction, but I am feeling horrible…  I can’t even call them by their names because of the fear that I would accidentally call out the wrong name.  I could be like a womanizer and call them with nicknames like “honey, baby, babe…” but I know from my own experience that it would only make these men feel closer to me. Men are asking for date after date, and I have to sometimes reject with a lie… and I hate myself for being dishonest and coming up with a ridiculous lie.

Now I see how Casanova was juggling… but the biggest difference is that he has NO heart and I do.  I feel guilty for my actions and think about how I am giving them false expectations.  Why do womanizers feel the need to deceive women with fictitious stories? I certainly didn’t have to create a fake world for them to like me…

Eiffel Tower tea light holder

I was in Casanova’s apartment last week and as usual, I found many tracks of women… These women must be blind not to see the obvious hints.  They must have fallen in love with Casanova and have lost their ability to see the facts that are lying in front of their eyes.  When I said to Casanova, “you’re the best PLAYER“, he smiled and replied “that’s a huge compliment”.  He was proud to be a great player and had no shame. And as he inserted his penis in me, he said to me “Please don’t sleep with other guys“.


2 thoughts on “What I’m learning from men…

  1. Check out this blog:
    “What women never hear about men”

    This is the kind of man we need to learn from…not those selfish men that you are dating. Don’t let them take advantage of your beautiful person.

    I have the advatage of being far away and in contact with “X” only via vidio skype and e-mail. I feel very cautious. He flaunts his wealth, he’s handsome, a traveler, never calls me by name, asks little about me, responds selectively to e-mail, has history of a distant father… On the other hand, he is quick to empathize and reassure me, there is no pressure or talk of sex, he continues to want to see me, does not hesitate to say that he thinks about me every day, several times a day… I am under his spell!

    • Thanks for the link. Wow, this “GUY” has been examining woman for sometime. There’s too much information that I only got to read a few, but I’ld like to read more.

      I can’t tell whether your “X” is a player or not by just reading your explanation, but if you’re aware that womanizers does exist, I think that you won’t be surprised like I was. If you’ve met him through the internet, make sure that he has a profile on LinkedIn… I’m saying this because of “Raymond Holycross”.

      The big difference with Casanova and X is that, he pretended to be interested in me and my family by asking many questions. He also loves the dirty talk, so he controlled my subconscious mind into thinking and talking dirty… which isn’t a bad thing, but his intentions was.

      Both Casanova and X seem to be wealthy and handsome… reassures us so that we feel loved and cared… but the truth is that they’re toxic, and actually making us weak and insecure…

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