What womanizers think of women…

I got a chance to talk to another womanizer the other day through a friend.  Since I knew he’s a womanizer, he wasn’t going to hit on me nor was he going to hide his secrets with me… He told me that he currently has about a dozen of girls who all think of themselves as “girlfriend”, and doesn’t have a clue that he’s cheating on them. He called them all “STUPID” since he would always tell them ridiculous excuses for not being able to see or call them everyday… but no women seem to argue or question him. He repeatedly said to me, “they’re so STUPID!“.  As a women myself, I felt insulted and wanted to lecture him but unfortunately these women really are stupid….. women can be so naive, desperate for love, that they’re easily blinded by a womanizer.

He told me that he studied about woman as if it were his main job, so he knows exactly what a woman wants to hear and see.  He knows how to make his match.com profile interesting and likable by most women, and he knows what kind of email approach women are waiting for.  He has photos that was pretty obvious to me that he had one of his girls take it, but apparently no girl had questioned him.  I guess women don’t look at match.com after finding her match because if she did, she would wonder why his status is always ONLINE, within 24 hours, or within 3days.  Maybe there aren’t enough men out there who can please a woman like he could… Maybe some women know that he’s cheating, but somehow rationalize the act.


Womanizers are really charming, but they will manipulate and take control of you… girls… please watch out for these guys…. they’re out there looking for the next victim.  Womanizers choose to cheat… it’s NOT a mistake.

lounge chair

I’m still continuing to experiment sleeping with guys without feelings… Having been warned from girlfriends that WOMEN get emotionally attached to a guy after having sex, I wanted to see if I would become attracted… actually for my own sake, I want to get attracted and be released from Casanova.  But even after several sex, I still want to leave the apartment as soon as possible. It seems that some MEN also get emotionally attached after sex, since I am being booked for date after date, have been asked more questions about myself, and talks more about himself…. Men are doing what I ask them to do… but this is not making me satisfied at all.  In fact, I’m feeling bad about what I’m doing and don’t know how long I can continue.  The more I experiment, the more I am convinced that womanizers have NO respect for women and ONLY loves himself.  They would lie about about everything to get what he wants, but it’s always the women getting hurt and NOT him… they have NO sympathy towards women, and that’s how they are able to continue cheating.


2 thoughts on “What womanizers think of women…

  1. First of all, thanks for your posts here about your experience. It has enlightened me and has probably prevented me from a future heartbreak. I feel for you. It is too bad that you didn’t have someone to forewarn you and steer you clear of Cassanova from the beginning. It is too bad there isn’t some kind of support for girls that can help validate these first signs of the kind of men we are dealing with. They are ever so appealing! I wish I could have someone go out with mine and tell me the dreaded truth about him, so I can move on. Instead I want to believe it’s a match made from heaven. It’s hard to say “no.”

    • Thank you for your kind message. Are you seeing someone right now that seems too good to be true? I truly hope that he is NOT a womanizer, but if you are aware that womanizers exist, you might be able to avoid the mistake that I made. Womanizers really make a woman feel special and irresistible, so it’s hard to get back to reality.

      I’ve met so many men after Casanova that I can sense the difference between a womanizer and a true gentleman from how he interacts with me. If it weren’t for the painful experience with Casanova, I would still be the naive girl who believes in Cinderella. But I do believe that somewhere out there, there’s going to be a guy who will do anything to be with me, and I would want to do anything to support him. So I hope that you will also continue to find your love and never give up.

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