What it takes to understand a womanizer…

I’ve been on match.com since March and have met a ridiculous amount of guys for a first date. Most people tell me that I’m too picky and that I’m not giving any guy a chance to go on a second date… and they’re right.  I was always comparing the guys with Casanova, that it was becoming impossible for any guy to come close to me.

But I finally realized that my countless dating was not going anywhere…. so I’ve loosened my boundaries and decided not to leave immediately after dinner this time (yes, I’ve been having dinner at nice restaurants, never paid a bill, but always went straight home leaving the guy wondering why I left).  I told this guy that I would go with the flow and follow his lead.  It would be a lie if I said, “I didn’t think that he would take me to his apartment on a first date”, because both men and women wants to be in a romantic moment and have passionate sex in the future. It just depends on how early you want it to happen.

This might sound insincere, but I wanted to see how womanizers are doing this everyday.  How they sleep with different women everyday without any of them noticing that his penis has been entering another girls vagina the day before. So I made myself irresistible for him, and had sex in his gorgeous apartment in downtown San Francisco.  This was my first time that I slept with a guy without feelings….

Next day, he asked me to come over to his place again…. but surprisingly at the same time, Casanova called to see me at his apartment.  This was a perfect test to see if I could have sex with different guy within 24hours…. shockingly, I realized that this was harder than I thought… When Casanova saw my vagina, he immediately said, “you’ve been sleeping with another guy! Your pussy is different!!”.

Casanova was making a face that I’ve never seen before… He was too narcissistic to realize that I could sleep with another guy and was freaking out.  I knew that I could NEVER tell him the truth, so I told the same lies he used to tell me, “you’re crazy! I am not sleeping with anybody else! You’re imagining things. Really messed up!”, and calmed him down.

Casanova eventually inserted his penis in me again saying, “it feels different. Your pussy is different“… but I just made a straight face and kept on lying to his face… This experience has taught me that it’s not hard to lie…. womanizers has no feelings towards these women, so he could say anything he wants and gets away with it…



2 thoughts on “What it takes to understand a womanizer…

  1. I can’t believe he noticed straightaway, weird. Good on you though as if he has any right to be jealous after all the cheating he does. Are you his main girl, it sounds like it. I don’t know how womanizers can juggle so many women at the same time. It’s exhausting making up so many lies and coordinating a schedule to see them all. He deserves to be cheated on, to know how hurtful it is.

    • He did notice right away. In fact, I slept with him today, and he noticed again… Like you said, he has no right to be jealous, but he told me not to sleep with other men ever again… absolutely absurd and crazy right?! Why does he think that it’s alright for him to sleep with multiple women but not me?

      Womanizers are extremely smart and have good time management. They are extremely busy with work, but can still juggle with multiple women without being caught. It sounds exhausting to an average person, but to a womanizer, they would rather be extremely busy than not.

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