How hard it is to get over a womanizer…

Womanizers are extremely good in making a woman feel special, and making her believe that she has a future with him.  He’s also very experienced in bed, so he will give her a great pleasurable feeling too. On top of that, Casanova is wealthy, young, tall, good-looking, and he has made the perfect bachelors apartment which attracts desperate women.  When a girl has stayed around him for a while, it’s hard to find a guy who can offer the same level of pleasure that he has provided.  In other words, a woman gets spoiled by Casanova….

I am one of his victim who is trying to find another man who can fulfill my needs.  I receive plenty of emails from guys on and have met a decent amount of men… ALL wealthy guys…

Yesterday, I met another guy from  Just like Casanova, he was a CEO, BOD, extremely smart, and had money.  Due to his success, it seems that he had no problem finding a woman, but I was not interested. He took me to his luxury apartment that faces the bay bridge (a landmark that is well known in San Francisco Bay Area), decorated by a designer with expensive furnitures… Most girls would jump onto this opportunity, but I kept comparing him with Casanova.

Casanova doesn’t have dark chest or pubic hair, but he shaves it off. His penis was large, but it was definitely making me come every time… After being with a guy who satisfied me in bed too, it’s hard to move on to a guy that doesn’t shave his hair, and has a smaller penis.  Even though my heart was broken by Casanova months ago, I am still haunted by his memories and incapable of accepting a guy who seems to be very interested in me.

Bay Bridge


2 thoughts on “How hard it is to get over a womanizer…

  1. I’m glad you were with another guy. I wish I could get back at my quasi bf by sleeping with other men but I can’t do something so intimate. I’m not sure id my man/cheater is simply or womanizer or it’s just his Italian culture that demands infedelity. He had a sex with a 50 yr old woman! He’s 29, it’s so shocking but I’m sure he’s been with another Blonde 20 something too and possibly more….all whilst I foolishly believed I was his only girl after 6 months of hanging out. I found out by snooping on his phone so I can’t admit that I know but argh I didn’t see this betrayal coming. I wouldn’t have had sex with him if I knew he was fucking other women at the same time. We never talked about exclusivity, I assumed he thought of me as his girlfriend….How wrong I was. Luckily he’s travelling around so I don’t have to confront him. I’ve already started thinking of him as my ex. It’s hard to get over them especially because he used to cook for me and act like he cared. Problem is he probably does this to all of his other women, takes them on holiday, is affectionate, treats them as if they’re his girlfriend etc It’s so fucked up. He’s so deceptive I don’t want to even think that we were bf and gf because clearly we couldn’t be, if he didn’t respect me enough to ask if he could be in an open relationship rather than mislead me. I’ve never had a boyfriend before so it’s even harder to just forget about him.

    • I’m sorry to hear that your man cheated on you too. I found out about his other girlfriends from the evidences that these women were leaving in his apartment, but I understand that you can’t confront him about the phone. Do you visit him at his apartment or does he come to you? Even though we know these womanizers screw us up, it’s so hard to stay away from them. Womanizers know exactly how to treat a woman, but regular men usually don’t… Well at least, not as good as a womanizer.

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