How he controls women…

Casanova is extremely experienced in womanizing… he knows what women want, and he will use that against us. For a month, he has been asking me to arrange a threesome with one of my friends. He believes that no women would turn down SEX with a sexy and hot guy like himself… (he said so himself).

Casanova is currently redecorating his apartment with new furniture and rugs, telling me that women love to help decorating.  He knows that women want to feel needed or be a part of his life, so he will chose the furniture himself, but makes sure that his WOMEN are involved by saying, “OUR walls, YOUR bathroom, WE could…, what do YOU think?“. He will take these women to shop with him, buy the pieces himself, but will make the women do the work at home… If people saw what he was doing, these girls are NOT treated like girlfriends but rather a SERVANT.   I know all of this, because I was at his place 2 nights last week.  It’s come to a point where I can see what these women has been doing in his apartment, and how women are manipulated by Casanova. There’s so much evidence left behind that I can’t believe how blind and naive they really are. They leave behind things because they each believe that she’s the ONLY woman entering his apartment.  When Casanova hides their “stuff” left behind, he probably says to them when they come over the next time, “my family and friends came, so I had to move your things”… he used to say that to me too before I found out about his womanizing.


Casanova is a successful businessman and there is hardly any woman who could compete against his talent.  He will get her involved in his business so that she would feel like he’s there for a long term relationship.  What they ALL forget, is that he’s the BOSS….. he can easily get rid of her if he wanted to.


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