How hard it is to get over a womanizer…

Womanizers are extremely good in making a woman feel special, and making her believe that she has a future with him.  He’s also very experienced in bed, so he will give her a great pleasurable feeling too. On top of that, Casanova is wealthy, young, tall, good-looking, and he has made the perfect bachelors apartment which attracts desperate women.  When a girl has stayed around him for a while, it’s hard to find a guy who can offer the same level of pleasure that he has provided.  In other words, a woman gets spoiled by Casanova….

I am one of his victim who is trying to find another man who can fulfill my needs.  I receive plenty of emails from guys on and have met a decent amount of men… ALL wealthy guys…

Yesterday, I met another guy from  Just like Casanova, he was a CEO, BOD, extremely smart, and had money.  Due to his success, it seems that he had no problem finding a woman, but I was not interested. He took me to his luxury apartment that faces the bay bridge (a landmark that is well known in San Francisco Bay Area), decorated by a designer with expensive furnitures… Most girls would jump onto this opportunity, but I kept comparing him with Casanova.

Casanova doesn’t have dark chest or pubic hair, but he shaves it off. His penis was large, but it was definitely making me come every time… After being with a guy who satisfied me in bed too, it’s hard to move on to a guy that doesn’t shave his hair, and has a smaller penis.  Even though my heart was broken by Casanova months ago, I am still haunted by his memories and incapable of accepting a guy who seems to be very interested in me.

Bay Bridge


How he controls women…

Casanova is extremely experienced in womanizing… he knows what women want, and he will use that against us. For a month, he has been asking me to arrange a threesome with one of my friends. He believes that no women would turn down SEX with a sexy and hot guy like himself… (he said so himself).

Casanova is currently redecorating his apartment with new furniture and rugs, telling me that women love to help decorating.  He knows that women want to feel needed or be a part of his life, so he will chose the furniture himself, but makes sure that his WOMEN are involved by saying, “OUR walls, YOUR bathroom, WE could…, what do YOU think?“. He will take these women to shop with him, buy the pieces himself, but will make the women do the work at home… If people saw what he was doing, these girls are NOT treated like girlfriends but rather a SERVANT.   I know all of this, because I was at his place 2 nights last week.  It’s come to a point where I can see what these women has been doing in his apartment, and how women are manipulated by Casanova. There’s so much evidence left behind that I can’t believe how blind and naive they really are. They leave behind things because they each believe that she’s the ONLY woman entering his apartment.  When Casanova hides their “stuff” left behind, he probably says to them when they come over the next time, “my family and friends came, so I had to move your things”… he used to say that to me too before I found out about his womanizing.


Casanova is a successful businessman and there is hardly any woman who could compete against his talent.  He will get her involved in his business so that she would feel like he’s there for a long term relationship.  What they ALL forget, is that he’s the BOSS….. he can easily get rid of her if he wanted to.

How I came across another player…

Ever since I found out about Casanova’s womanizing, I’ve been researching on this topic. Fortunately I had not dated a player before Casanova, so this has been a hurtful experience, but has definitely turned into a learning experience. Though my heart was once stolen by Casanova, I have been on a journey trying to find the true “gentleman”, who will be loyal and honest with me. I’ve listed myself on online dating sites like and OKCupid, and also been to several speed dating events. I’ve been on countless dates since March, but no guy has gotten a second date with me….

Last week, I met with a guy from We didn’t exchange much information before the meeting but as he walked toward me, I knew he was not the relationship type guy. In fact when he greeted me, I could smell that he’s another player… The way that he was extremely comfortable with women and how he touched me while talking to me, was so different from most guys in San Francisco bay area. This area is unique as most people are in the high-tech industry and usually quite shy…

As he sat down next to me, all I was thinking was “how do I get him to confess”… Pick up artists make it pretty obvious that he is there for a one night stand, but players will try to hide their true intentions and tries to approach me with sincerity. It took me about an hour for him to confess that he is a player and that he is having relationship with several women.  He told me how much he likes to pleasure women, and can’t be in a monogamous relationship.  Well, I’m glad that I spotted a player and that he opened up, or otherwise I would have wasted another couple of months…


I read on another person’s blog that is mostly for one-night-stands. In addition, I’ve already met several players from the site, so be aware that womanizers does exist on online dating sites.

Casanova has been trying for 2 weeks now to get me into a threesome and keeps asking me to bring a friend to his place… It all started from my stupidity of asking about his sexual fantasy 3 weeks ago and he replied immediately “threesome with you“.  Last week, he tried so many times to convince me and made himself available on a weekend. I had already made plans for the weekend weeks before with my girlfriends, so I wasn’t going to spare my time for a womanizer… If he had been a loyal boyfriend I would have tried to see him, but why should I try to meet a womanizer’s needs? He is a selfish person who only LOVES himself and cheats on ALL of his women.


Casanova is a successful businessman who is only 31 years old, 6’4″ tall, handsome and muscular. I have no doubt that there hasn’t been a woman who has turned him down like I have. So it wasn’t a surprise that he got angry when I kept choosing my girlfriends over him. He started to text me things like;

” 😦 ur being stupid”

” 😦 You are being messed up”

“It bothers me…that you didn’t see me and bring friends this weekend… you shouldn’t not see me because of a girl hangout… really messed up”

“please think about how ur treating me…”

“U should have seen me… upset is not what I get. It’s rude that u didn’t see me. I asked u several times and u also are being annoying. “

“U need to make this up to me. messed up.” 

His words were selfish with no respect towards me. It’s so obvious that he wasn’t thinking about how he chose to be a womanizer over a relationship with me. If he cared for me, he would have given me reassurance, or talked to me about how a threesome would benefit me too…

He probably has about 8-10 women who thinks that he’s a boyfriend, while he is actively dating women from making them also believe that he wants a wife. He even said to me yesterday “I feel helpless…and lost without you”