How I’m still played by the womanizer…

Dealing with a womanizer is one problem, but him being extremely narcissistic is another big problem. Worst of all, the fact that I’m still sleeping with him is only making my love life a mess.  I enjoy having sex with him so much, that I can’t resist his existence.  And Casanova of course is smart enough to take advantage of a girl like me, so he keeps me on a leash…

For about a week, Casanova has been asking whether I’m available to meet. Yesterday I finally went to see him in his apartment, only to be reminded of the many women he’s currently seeing.  Too many evidences were left behind…different hair, lipstick on the towel, food she’s cooked, places she’s cleaned… I met Casanova over a year ago, but probably know about Casanova than any other women that he’s sleeping with. I know his personality and style, when Casanova dresses up for a date, or when he is texting his girls/victims when I’m right next to him.  Casanova doesn’t talk about his other girls, but whenever I mention about the evidences that I find, he doesn’t deny and would say, “don’t tell me about it”. 

Casanova is juggling with so many women, that it has become natural for him to lie. He still says to me “I love you”, “It’s good to see you in my apartment”, “Honey… babe…I want to move closer to you”.  Knowing that Casanova is lying, I simply ignore because it’s a waste of time trying to correct him.

Casanova is an overly narcissistic person who is arrogant, needs constant admiration and positive reinforcement, fantasizing about success and attractiveness… which on the other hand could say that he is easily insulted, and have fragile self esteem… Every time I have sex with Casanova, he would ask me the same question, “I’m I the best fuck you’ve had?”


In order to get myself away from Casanova, I went on a speed dating event for the 4th time… 16 men / 16 women attended, and I was NOT impressed with any of the guys that I met… But I won’t give up. I’ll just keep on dating until I find the right guy for me 🙂


2 thoughts on “How I’m still played by the womanizer…

  1. Seriously if you can’t resist his advances, insist on him wearing a condom with you because he could spread STDs etc. I think he’s horrendous.

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