How naive women could be…

When I first had sex with Casanova last year, he had a whole box of extra-large condoms.  I am ashamed to say this, but I’ve only used a condom few times in the past… In those few times, the guys had put the condom on himself.

Casanova first asked me to put it on for him… but I had to tell him the truth that I’ve never done that before. Casanova took me by surprise, and said that he always had the women do it for him, so he can’t do it himself. Now I know that was a lie, but then, I felt so inexperienced and shocked.

From there, we tried to use the condom 5-6 times but couldn’t. Then eventually gave up and have not been using a condom ever since. At that time, I thought that I was the only one sleeping with him, so if I got pregnant, I was ready to face it.


Five months later, I found an opened/used “emergency contraceptive” box in his apartment. This is when I found out that Casanova had been sleeping with other women. When I realized that he was in fact sleeping with multiple women, I tried to confront Casanova, but he said to me “I’m not. You’re imagining things! Do you see any condoms lying around?”

I’m guessing that Casanova has slept with over 40 women since I found out about his womanizing in January, and never found a condom in his apartment. I know Casanova well enough to say that he can’t hide stuff well or doesn’t throw the garbage out himself. So I am sure that he is NOT using a condom.

Though Casanova cleans himself, it’s disgusting to think that his penis is entering different vagina everyday (even 2 different women per day).  What’s more disgusting is that, all these women are so naive and don’t doubt that Casanova is playing with her.

After I found out about his womanizing, I realized that Casanova was too good for me.  He was only 31 years old, had money, extremely smart and talented, tall and handsome, great sex… Why would he ever want to settle when there are so many women out there that he could have sex with. It took me over 5 months to realize that I was NAIVE


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