How he asked for a threesome…

I don’t exactly remember when but about 4-5 months ago, Casanova popped the question, “want to have threesome sometime? Would u want to watch another girl suck my Cock and then I fuck you while she watches?”.  I’m not sure whether this is true, but I hear that guys fantasize about threesomes.  So I replied to him, “If it’s your dream to have 2 women in bed, then it’s my dream to have 2 guys”.

I had forgotten about having that conversation until the other day when we were having sex, I asked him of his sexual fantasy.  Without giving a thought he replied, “Want to try a threesome with you”.  Casanova had not even tried anal sex with me but he wanted to try a threesome?!  Obviously I wasn’t understanding his philosophy and was confused…

Couple of days later he texted me, “When r u going to setup this threesome?”.  Because I had asked him of his fantasy, he was hoping that I would fulfill his wish.  I’m a person who is willing to try new things since I never know if I’ld like it until I tried it.  So I wasn’t against a threesome, but only if I’m the one who gets to play with the couple.  Though Casanova is a womanizer that I was once in love with, I wasn’t ready to face his penis entering another woman’s vagina.  I don’t even want to imagine Casanova having sex with another woman, so there was no way that I could watch the act in front of me.

Casanova tried to persuade me for 5 days to get one of my girl friends to join us for a threesome.  For a guy who always tells me, “I’m very busy. Trying to manage a lot here”, sure is taking a lot of time trying to manipulate me into threesome, and also making himself available for the play.  No matter how I explained him that no friend would want to watch me have sex, and that it would only make my friend uncomfortable, Casanova wasn’t convinced.  He would say, “tell them I have big cock and am very sexy and we could hangout— I have nice place, Jacuzzi etc….. come on… tell them details and they will want to.  Should be easy for you to get a friend to hangout with us… just tell them how sexy I am.  –they want to be with hot guy too right?!”.

I honestly didn’t know how to approach a friend even if I agreed to have threesome with Casanova.  But he told me to say, “we met at speed dating– he is very romantic and affectionate… I like playing with him- he is sooo sexy and hot… he’s really a hunk… I think I should share him a bit… he likes sex a lot… and is a purist– kind of traditional– very strong and masculine– sensual.. he has two residence, his Foster place is where he usually is.  He drives Porsche Turbo SUV and has nice place with Jacuzzi/steam rooms and likes to hang out in them… he’s never been with two girls… Tell them that I make u com a lot”.


Do you see how narcissistic he is?!  The words written above ALL came from Casanova’s mouth… he was being selfish and was not understanding the fact that it would be STRANGE for my friend to get in a sexual activity with me unless she was bi-sexual or a lesbian.  It doesn’t matter how good he looked or how much money he had, it was just unethical.

What also bothered me was that he believes that he is a “purist”.  He’s been saying that to me so many times since I first met him, but then he disguises as a gentleman and deceives all women about commitment and love?  He is hiding the truth behind these women because he knows that it’s unacceptable…. So what makes him think that he is a purist?  If he really believed his philosophy was correct, he shouldn’t have to lie about his life as a lady killer.


How I’m still played by the womanizer…

Dealing with a womanizer is one problem, but him being extremely narcissistic is another big problem. Worst of all, the fact that I’m still sleeping with him is only making my love life a mess.  I enjoy having sex with him so much, that I can’t resist his existence.  And Casanova of course is smart enough to take advantage of a girl like me, so he keeps me on a leash…

For about a week, Casanova has been asking whether I’m available to meet. Yesterday I finally went to see him in his apartment, only to be reminded of the many women he’s currently seeing.  Too many evidences were left behind…different hair, lipstick on the towel, food she’s cooked, places she’s cleaned… I met Casanova over a year ago, but probably know about Casanova than any other women that he’s sleeping with. I know his personality and style, when Casanova dresses up for a date, or when he is texting his girls/victims when I’m right next to him.  Casanova doesn’t talk about his other girls, but whenever I mention about the evidences that I find, he doesn’t deny and would say, “don’t tell me about it”. 

Casanova is juggling with so many women, that it has become natural for him to lie. He still says to me “I love you”, “It’s good to see you in my apartment”, “Honey… babe…I want to move closer to you”.  Knowing that Casanova is lying, I simply ignore because it’s a waste of time trying to correct him.

Casanova is an overly narcissistic person who is arrogant, needs constant admiration and positive reinforcement, fantasizing about success and attractiveness… which on the other hand could say that he is easily insulted, and have fragile self esteem… Every time I have sex with Casanova, he would ask me the same question, “I’m I the best fuck you’ve had?”


In order to get myself away from Casanova, I went on a speed dating event for the 4th time… 16 men / 16 women attended, and I was NOT impressed with any of the guys that I met… But I won’t give up. I’ll just keep on dating until I find the right guy for me 🙂

How naive women could be…

When I first had sex with Casanova last year, he had a whole box of extra-large condoms.  I am ashamed to say this, but I’ve only used a condom few times in the past… In those few times, the guys had put the condom on himself.

Casanova first asked me to put it on for him… but I had to tell him the truth that I’ve never done that before. Casanova took me by surprise, and said that he always had the women do it for him, so he can’t do it himself. Now I know that was a lie, but then, I felt so inexperienced and shocked.

From there, we tried to use the condom 5-6 times but couldn’t. Then eventually gave up and have not been using a condom ever since. At that time, I thought that I was the only one sleeping with him, so if I got pregnant, I was ready to face it.


Five months later, I found an opened/used “emergency contraceptive” box in his apartment. This is when I found out that Casanova had been sleeping with other women. When I realized that he was in fact sleeping with multiple women, I tried to confront Casanova, but he said to me “I’m not. You’re imagining things! Do you see any condoms lying around?”

I’m guessing that Casanova has slept with over 40 women since I found out about his womanizing in January, and never found a condom in his apartment. I know Casanova well enough to say that he can’t hide stuff well or doesn’t throw the garbage out himself. So I am sure that he is NOT using a condom.

Though Casanova cleans himself, it’s disgusting to think that his penis is entering different vagina everyday (even 2 different women per day).  What’s more disgusting is that, all these women are so naive and don’t doubt that Casanova is playing with her.

After I found out about his womanizing, I realized that Casanova was too good for me.  He was only 31 years old, had money, extremely smart and talented, tall and handsome, great sex… Why would he ever want to settle when there are so many women out there that he could have sex with. It took me over 5 months to realize that I was NAIVE