How money changed a man…

Casanova makes a lot of money for a 31 year old, but he isn’t a billionaire. I don’t know how much he actually makes, but from what I can tell, the way he spends money isn’t matching his income.  He told me that he wasn’t born rich, but his parents worked hard to become successful.  Because both his parents worked during his childhood, Casanova didn’t have anyone to pick him up right after school and would be waiting for hours with nobody to talk to.  So I can imagine how lonely that must have been, and probably was envy at the other kids.  Maybe felt some humiliation too.

Couple of weeks ago, I read a blog about how some gentlemen turn into a womanizer. According to the writer, it’s always related to his hurtful past which continuously haunts him.  I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing that Casanova’s childhood traumatized him too. He told me that he felt the need to grow up early and be independent, so he started his first business while in high school.

Casanova had become successful at a young age, but the more money he had, the more spending he did.  He has an expensive taste, and when he wants something, he wants it right away. Therefore doesn’t shop online since he can’t wait for the package. He doesn’t look at price tags so he’s paying full price on mostly everything.  Good for the economy, but it shows me that he’s incapable of controlling his spending…  Casanova is an unstoppable person….  Once something is in his mind, it has to be done his way…

shun fuji

Casanova is extremely intelligent person, but intelligence does not make one rich.  One must be smart with money too… Unfortunately, Casanova is using women for sex first, then for money.  He’s currently borrowing money from me and keeps giving me excuses not to pay me back now, so I KNOW that I was used… Actually, by looking at his luxury lifestyle, I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only person he’s borrowing from.  Casanova will ask for money saying, “I’ll pay high interest. Think of this as an investment. I’m working for US.”  Couple of months ago, Raymond Holycross (29) was arrested for stealing from the women he was sleeping with. Casanova isn’t stealing like Ray, but his selfish act and disrespect for women is the same to me. Please don’t get me wrong, because I’m not saying that all womanizers would borrow or steal money from women.  I’m just trying to warn the ladies out there that, not only will he break your heart, some could involve you in a financial mess.


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