How age could be a problem…

This morning, I received the following text from Casanova:

“Hug- how about meet 4pm today for overnight… need to see you Babe… been too long. I’ll relax you… Look- I’ll pick you up, kiss on you… “

I didn’t go…

I met another woman who has also dated a Womanizer. We were casually talking about how stress could affect both mentally and physically, and I told her that I had a horrible experience with a certain guy, but he is still in my life… Usually when I talk about Casanova to friends, their reactions are quite big and disgusted by the fact he never uses a condom when he’s sleeping with hundreds of different women. (I don’t know his numbers, but I can sort of tell by the evidences left behind his apartment and car, that he’s sleeping with 7-8 new women every month while keeping 8-10 women for a couple of months. He’s too good of a womanizer which makes me believe that he’s been doing this for a couple of years now.

Anyway, this lady has been going out with a womanizer for 4 years now. She said that it took her over 1.5 years to figure out his betrayal… Apparently, this womanizer was also hopelessly romantic in the beginning, but eventually he wasn’t trying to see her on weekends or on holidays.  She first wondered why he was always emailing her instead of calling her on the cell phone. But like a typical womanizer, he said to her that he was extremely busy with family stuff and work. He would sometimes tell her to come over, but asks her to leave around 6pm because he has to work, or he needs to go to bed early.


Womanizer is always ridiculously busy. He has a job, family to deal with, and on top of that he is juggling with approximately 15 women by text, email, sleepover, etc. So of course he doesn’t have the time to call you or see you.  He will make excuses like “super swamped with work”, “family/friend plans”, “several meetings this weekend”…  If he does want to see you, it’s usually the LAST MINUTE since you’re probably his LAST OPTION.

The lady said that when she finally got suspicious, she pretended to go home one night, but instead waited outside his house…. unfortunately her instinct was right… another woman came and entered his house with a kiss…. That’s how she found out about him cheating… It’s been 2.5 years since she found out about his womanizing, and knows that he doesn’t love anybody but himself. But still, she can’t detach herself from him because he’s TOO GOOD. He knows exactly what she wants to hear, great sex, and sure seems to be a smooth talker.

Casanova told me, “once women have dated me- they have a very difficult time finding another guy that they want to be with”.  It’s quite true… Casanova purposely choses women over 35 years old because he knows that older women would dream of a younger guy.  Especially when he’s a 31 years old executive, 6’4 tall, athletic and good looking.  He doesn’t care if she has a baby or a young child. He would even invite her kid over to his apartment and doesn’t think for a second about how this could confuse a child. He just DOESN’T CARE!!!  He likes to keep a variety of women too. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, scientist… since he’s such a smart guy, he probably likes the thrill of seducing smart women and reconfirming that he’s smarter than her.  He knows that older women are usually more serious about looking for a man to settle with, so it would be a challenge to seduce her.  But he also knows that women may look strong, but are actually vulnerable…. So, it’s easy for him to create a fake future and make her dream… It’s all a game to him. If he gets her into bed, makes her fall in love with him, it’s GAME OVER.



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