How he enjoyed intimacy…

Casanova has another habit besides spanking… which may not sound odd, but he likes his penis to be touched in public. While walking in downtown San Francisco, in a restaurant, coffee shop, Kinko’s, bookstore… he would ALWAYS say to me “touch my dick!”.  Before I met Casanova, I thought that I had a common decency, but apparently when I guy ORDERS me, I don’t…

Before Casanova moved to his current apartment in Foster City, Casanova was seeing me quite frequently in public. He was always excited when he saw me and gave me an aggressive “deep kiss” no matter where we were… as if he were showing off to the people around us. This was one of my favorite moments with him and made me feel special.

According to Casanova, spanking, talking dirty, sexting, golden shower, touching in public, are all gestures of intimacy.  But I disagree with Casanova, since some of these are NOT intimacy…  it’s just him being a dominant man. He cares more about his sexual fantasy so it was always in his pace too… he would always forcefully manhandle me into the next position.  Yes I know that it’s actually hot, but when it was like that every time, it made me feel like I had no control, and what we were suppose to be doing together felt like a solo play.  I especially didn’t appreciate when he skipped the foreplay… Sex is intimate, but cuddling in bed after sex, kissing, laughing together maybe more intimate for me.



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