How dominant sex can turn bad…

Casanova can be gentle, but also can really be rough in bed. Dominant sex can be very HOT when played properly, but if it goes over the line, it’s just painful and turns me OFF.

On the second date with Casanova, he started to kiss me aggressively in a hotel lounge. Knowing that people around us were watching, half of me was saying, “we’re going to be kicked out! Stop it!”, but half of me was turned ON… While Casanova took care of the check, I waited by the elevator.  Casanova came from behind and kissed me….I’ve always liked a guy coming from behind to seduce me… especially when a big guy like Casanova is holding me from behind I feel secure, and also the inability to move around makes it exciting.

When we got on the elevator, Casanova slammed me against the wall…. I’ve never had a guy push me back like that before, and actually thought that this would be the last thing a gentleman would do.  But to my surprise, I found it really HOT.

That night, Casanova was ready to have sex with me (of course), but I wasn’t.  I had to fly to LA couple of days later, but when I flew back to San Francisco being exhausted and not feeling sexual at all, Casanova took me to a hotel.  I love having sex, but I had just got off a plane and was feeling filthy.

I don’t remember how late it was by the time we got to the hotel, but even though I was physically tired, my mind was thinking differently. The first sex always feels awkward, maybe a little nervous since I don’t know how he looks naked, or how he is in bed… I just don’t know what to expect…

Slap!…  Casanova spanked me.  I said that I didn’t know what to expect, but spanking was definitely NOT on my list. I took it by surprise and turned around… Casanova said to me in a gentle voice “Relax. I won’t hit hard. Just relax…”.  I’ve never had a guy spank me, and I knew this instant that I didn’t like it.  But I was incredibly stupid…. I wanted to have sex so I just let him continue with the spanking.

Since that first sex, every time we had sex, he would SPANK me. He would also pull my hair and kiss me forcefully, but I just could NOT get used to the spanking. Maybe some women like being slapped, but I was NOT enjoying it. When I tried to refuse, Casanova would tell me to “shut up” and spit on me… This only made me angry and I would spit back at him and slap his buttocks too.

It’s my fault for not being able to control the situation and I know that I was weak. But I also knew that once Casanova is done with the spanking, we would have passionate sex and multiple orgasms.

Casanova loved talking dirty to me, and mentioned about how he wanted me to urinate on him, or how he liked going down on me, or how he liked when I performed deep throating.  Cunnilingus is something that I can’t get enough of, and a little gag reflex was okay, but I was NOT willing to urinate on him. I had seen it in a pornography film, but it did NOT seem sexual to me at all.

One day, Casanova purposely didn’t unload his tank before sex and started to urinate all over me when I was giving him a blow job. Once he started to pee, he couldn’t stop, and I couldn’t move… it made me feel so small…..

Thinking back about his dominant sex, could it be that he is doing this to get back at the women? In stead of NOT having feelings for women, was he actually trying to show that HE was superior than women?



4 thoughts on “How dominant sex can turn bad…

  1. I admit that I like rough sex. Although, my husband and I do not do all the things you name here, and we do some different things. I just posted about our rough sex today. But, the main thing is communication. You don’t just pee on someone with no discussion first. Sub/dom is based on trust, and that also includes respect. I’m sorry for your bad experience. 😦

  2. He sounds awful. Never have sex with him again. Email all his contacts anonymously and shame him by saying he urinates into his various conquests mouths forcefully. It’s more or less rape.

    • Thanks for your message. I don’t have his personal contacts except from his business partners, so I can’t inform anybody… I don’t know if he’s urinated on other women, but this is something that I can’t talk to my friends nor my family since it’s so humiliating…

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