How some gentlemen chose to be emotionless…

Casanova is a great businessman and I highly respect his professionalism… or should I say… I used to… Now that I see him as a womanizer, I have nothing but disrespect. Casanova knows that I’m disgusted with his womanizing and that he needs to impress me.   I’m sure that any women who has been with him thinks that she’s his biggest cheerleader… except from me.  It’s really unfortunate that I see him with disgrace…

I’ve been wondering why Casanova plays with countless women… His womanizing couldn’t have started months ago. To be as good as Casanova, it has definitely been built up over the years. He’s only 31 years old, but can’t imagine how many women he has slept with so far…. and how many women had taken an emergency contraceptive for him.  When I found a child seat and blanket, I asked Casanova if he secretly has a woman raising his child somewhere.  But he denied… of course.  When I asked him about STD, he really got angry with me and denied….. Seriously, with the amount of unprotected sex he’s having, why shouldn’t I be worried?

The other day, I came across an interesting blog, “The makings of a Womanizer”.  This blog was exactly what I was looking for… An active womanizer wrote about why some men become a womanizer.  He says that ALL womanizers have a PAINFUL PAST which lead them to feel lonely… and ALL of them didn’t get enough LOVE from WOMEN, which has caused them to act out.

After reading the blog, I remembered that when I started dating Casanova, he often talked about his child life. How he was always the last kid to be picked up from school because both his parents were working. He told me how lonely he was when there were no kids around him waiting like he was… He told me a bunch of other things too, but I shouldn’t share it here since it’s too personal.


I don’t know why Casanova shared a lot about his childhood to me, but I didn’t think that this could have caused him to be a person with no feelings. Still, I don’t agree with what womanizers are doing to women. It doesn’t give them a right to create false pretenses. I don’t know how many times Casanova said to me that he loves me, and that we belong together...  I’ld rather have a pick up artist come to me and lead me to sex. In that case, I know what I’m getting into… since his intentions would be pretty clear.


One thought on “How some gentlemen chose to be emotionless…

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