How he juggles…

I’m assuming that there’s about 8-10 women who believes Casanova is a “boyfriend“. A boyfriend who she believes is in an exclusive, committed relationship, and dreaming of a marriage…. like I was one time…

Casanova probably dates about 15 women from every month too.

In a TRUE relationship, if a guy likes you, he will always come to see you. He will stay at your place, you get to stay at his place as long as you want, give you a drawer or a space in his apartment to leave your things, he may give you a key to his apartment, etc….  But with Casanova, he will NOT allow you to leave your things in his apartment. If you do, he will hide it somewhere.  He will NEVER give you a spare key.  There is no way you get to stay in his apartment for a week.  In fact, there will be days or weeks that you won’t even see him…

So how does Casanova keep his so called “girlfriends” loving him without doubt?  It’s simple…  Casanova NEVER forgets to text or call every one of them every single day. It could be as simple as “miss u” or “hug“, “kiss“.  Just that simple text reassures her. Makes her think that Casanova is thinking of her…



If you’ve been in relationships before, you should realize that it’s unnatural for him not to see you for days because he is swamped with work. Texting instead of calling? Realize the yellow flags!

In my case, until I found out about the womanizing, I was meeting Casanova quite often. But when I didn’t see him, he always called me. He would leave me long voice mails and many text messages too.  The call didn’t have to be long… but when I talked to him on the phone, I was happy the whole day… That’s how I know how other women manage to go through the day without seeing Casanova.  She will be thinking about him during the day, while Casanova is having sex with different women.


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