How women don’t see the obvious…

Casanova is an attractive person. He is extremely intelligent, but he has a sense of humor, listens to different kind of music, plays several instruments, athletic, taught Kayak and martial arts before, chess master and poker player… basically can do anything if he wanted to. This is why he can relate a lot of stories with different type of women.  Because of his many achievements, he can make his stories extremely interesting.

On top of that, he is 6″4 tall and fit, well dressed, and does NOT act like a 31 year oldCasanova always takes time looking in the mirror, gets a haircut every month at an expensive hair salon in downtown San Francisco… so yes, he is an attractive person.

Downside is, he is so smart that he could make up a story and lie easily. That’s how I believe that most of Casanova’s women don’t realize what he is hiding.


If he seems too good to be TRUE, he probably is.

In May, Casanova got a Porsche SUV and asked if I wanted a ride. He asked me “what do people think when they see me in a Porsche?”.  I replied to him “a SHOW OFF”.  Not only from his question, but it was obvious that one of the reasons Casanova got this car was to impress women.  And I KNEW that his womanizing was about to escalate…

Casanova knows that I can read his actions now.  I even call his apartment “playboy mansion” and call him a “player” straight to his face, but he still lies to me. Either it’s his policy not to reveal his life as a womanizer, or he doesn’t know how to be honest anymore.  I’ve found so many evidences so far, and it’s not funny.  Child seat, children’s blanket, ear rings, tooth brush, face cream, and many more…. To be honest, although I know he is a lady killer, I was shocked to find out that he is sleeping with women with children. He was allowing the women to bring her child to the apartment… What’s worse is that these women are not thinking about how this could confuse a child…

I’ve been in several relationships before, and I’ve left my stuff at his place too. Only because I knew that I was coming back, and it was ridiculous to bring them with me every time I visit.  So I understand why women leave things at Casanova’s place. They may claim to have “just forgotten”, but I know that women don’t forget!!! They leave their things on purpose.  You just DON’T forget a child seat or a blanket.  Probably these women have NO IDEA that she’s only ONE of the MANY women that Casanova is sleeping with.  Casanova tries to hide things, but he doesn’t hide it well. He always tells me “I have friends and family visiting“, but we BOTH know it’s a lie…



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