How to be successful…

Casanova is without doubt, one of the smartest 31 year olds in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started his own business while in high school, and made his way up at an early age because he worked harder than others. He thinks fast and doesn’t waste his time.

I’ve read somewhere about common routines that successful people do;

  • Wake up early….. early bird catches the worm
  • Exercise everyday
  • Eat healthy
  • Plan
  • Socialize, network
  • Meditate
  • Keep up with the news
  • Good nights sleep

Casanova does ALL of the above. Even with his busy schedule with work, he is always listening to the business news, always buys his groceries at Whole Foods (health conscious-which I totally support), probably dating a different woman every night, has an extremely expensive bed and sheet sets to get a good rest.


Here’s is what unsuccessful people do;

  • Criticize  (instead of talking positively)
  • Blame others  (instead of being responsible)
  • Think they know everything  (instead of trying to learn more)
  • Don’t have a target  (instead of setting goals)
  • Fear change  (instead of being innovative and change)
  • Put off until later  (instead of making every minute count)
  • Don’t work hard  (instead of working hard)
  • Negative belief  (instead of being optimistic)

Now here is where it contradicts with womanizers. A womanizer are OVER complimentary, but when something goes wrong, he will blame EVERYTHING on you. When I found out about that he was cheating on me, I got really angry. But he said;

“You are so messed up.
Think about what u’ve been doing to me- the games, the doubt, the effect on my work
U really screwed up my work this week- driving ur stuff to u–drama constantly…sacrificing my sleep–driving to u etc etc
Go sit and think about things…what u promised, how u treat me and how I am committed to you. No demands…u need to trust I will focus on u and us and my commitment etc etc–enough…let me do what I need/want…and stop it- ur lucky I’m willing to take profile down for u…bye for now
All that matters is that I try to make u happy–dont worry what else I do–i need to maintain a wide range of relationships for biz etc
Enough for later. Kiss–NO MORE DRAMA- had enough.”

Casanova was sleeping with women from but saying that I was playing games and being dramatic. He always said that he was going to make me the happiest woman in the Bay Area, but instead, he made me miserable. He was the one playing games and creating the drama, NOT me.

I don’t know if any of these women he’s dating realized that he’s actually a womanizer, but to think that he is in LOVE with you, you have to be NAIVE.


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