How he uses women…

Casanova doesn’t tell me how many women he’s seeing, but I’m guessing that he currently has about 8-10 women who thinks that he’s a “boyfriend” and believes that they’re in love… Then he would be dating about 15 new women from each month (depending on how many responses he gets).  This is ONLY my assumptions from looking at the evidence left in his apartment, so there may be more, or less… When we started dating and also after we broke up, he told me that he dated a lot, but most of them don’t get a second or third date. So in his case, though he meets them for a date, he is somewhat picky. He told me that he prefers older women, and have actually dated someone 15 years older. He says that he doesn’t get along with women of his age…. because he is too smart for his age…

Casanova is keeping some women for his own benefit. I suspect they are lawyers, accountants, engineers, scientists… I know that he likes to DOMINATE, so he only likes women who would NOT question him, and does everything he says….. meaning…. he uses women like assistants without pay… He likes to take CONTROL of everything, so he doesn’t need a women who doesn’t listen to his orders.  I am saying this through my own experience….

When we started to date in September, Casanova often told me that he plans to buy a house in Half Moon Bay… but I haven’t heard him say that this year… He does say that he wants to become a billionaire though. To an average person, becoming an billionaire is not an option. But Casanova has a huge goal, and mentions it a lot. And that’s how women starts to imagine herself of becoming his BILLIONAIRE wife… and tries to do whatever he asks her to do…


I am NOT saying that ALL womanizers are the same. Casanova is truly narcissistic in both good and bad way.  He believes that ALL his ex-girlfriends are wanting to get back. He told me that he had always been a good looking, straight-A student without studying, predicts the future, everybody wants to work with him, etc…  During sex, if I try to tell him to do something, he gets upset saying that he knows what women wants.

Having said that, every time we have sex, he would ask me whether he has the biggest dick, or he’s the best sex that I’ve ever had…. If he is so confident about himself, why would he ask me every time?  I sometimes worry that he has a personality disorder since he can’t tolerate criticism.

Could it be that WOMANIZER is a disorder too?  He is never satisfied, so he keeps picking up women after women on


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