How my research started…

It had been a month since I broke up with Casanova. I told Casanova that he chose over me. Of course he denied, but it’s so true.

Knowing that he’s a lady killer, I decided to meet him again… I know that it’s the last thing I should do after a breakup (especially if he’s a womanizer), but I couldn’t resist. I’m not going to blame everything on Casanova.  Though he was manipulating me into seeing him again, I could have refused to see him. So it was my stupid choice…

To be honest, I was really curious to see if I could get the dirty secrets out of Casanova’s mouth. It wasn’t going to be easy, but I wanted to give him a hard time.


Womanizers are NOT looking for long term relationships. Dating is a game to him. He likes to meet women and seduce them to bed. Some of them wants the women to fall in love with him, but once he gets her heart, it’s GAME OVER…. he will be leaving you.

Then why would Casanova want to see me again? He knows that I know about his lies about commitment and love for me.

Casanova picked me up in his BMW. It seems that he had lost a lot of weight after the breakup. I don’t know if he were on a diet, or did I really screw him up?  We started talking as if nothing had happened between us. But when I got to his apartment, I saw the difference.

His apartment was a mess. Even in this mess, I could easily see that several women had been coming to his apartment.  It was obvious that Casanova liked Asian women. There were different length of black hair all over the apartment. It’s not that visible, but since I was acting like a detective, I could tell.  Casanova doesn’t drink wine, but there were wine bottles on the counter, with used glass.  He doesn’t eat chocolate, but there were expensive chocolate bars… The fireplace had been used several times, dishes served for 2 people…etc.


Womanizers like to keep a variety of women. Single, separated, divorced, with children. He may not care even if you bring your child with you (I know for a fact, which I will eventually post). He is a predator.

Not only because Casanova can’t clean up, he’s 6’4 tall, so he wasn’t seeing the room the way I was.  Looking at the mess, it made me realize that he is NEVER going to be committed to one person. Maybe when he’s 35 or so, but NOT now.  I tried to put myself in his shoes… 31 years old… why should he settle when he can sleep with hundreds of different women… But then, why can’t he just sleep with them and move to the next? What I don’t understand is, why take his time making her believe in a FAKE future?



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