How he manipulated me again…

I’m not really a “texting” person, so I’ld rather talk on the phone. However, Casanova is REALLY good at texting. That’s why I have so many text messages left in my phone.  I could just copy everything here since it’s quite funny and that you can see his womanizing techniques. But it’s too long…

Finding out that I had been played by Casanova was very shocking, but not having a man in my life was depressing. Like most people, I was going through an awful phase after breakup. And Casanova’s text messaging made it worse…

Casanova:  To be honest with u—once women have dated me–they have a very difficult time finding another guy…That they want to be with

Me: Don’t be so sure of that.

Casanova: Oh- I am sure…and don’t be so sure that these guys ur dating…are actually single..:) wink.  I know women are “greedy for sex” with me
However, I’m not so greedy for sex with them…in ur case though- its been a different story on the “(
his real name) greedy for sex with a woman chart”

…. I decided to play along with his ego…

Me: I have a question for you. With the amount of women you are dating, how do you manage not to mix up names? I was getting to a point that I simply didn’t repeat their names.

Casanova: Wow- ur such a slut..:) wink.  That’s cute
Why am I being attracted to u when ur so messed up to me?..:(
Its cute that u don’t remember their names
In ur case- just associate names by “Fred- F for Frumpy”…”Sam- S for Stupid”…”John- J for Jerk”…”Matt- M for Moody”…etc etc
And of course..”(his real name)- B for Best”

Text messaging went on for a week… It was just like before. Except that, this time, I knew that Casanova was dating several women.  Though it seems that I have the high ground, Casanova was still manipulating me… He knew how to get my attention, he knew that I was vulnerable, and he knew that I wasn’t getting good dates…

Casanova called on a Friday evening…. we spoke about 8 hours… he was extremely smart, and knew that if he kept on talking, that I would be missing him more than ever…


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