How money changed a man…

Casanova makes a lot of money for a 31 year old, but he isn’t a billionaire. I don’t know how much he actually makes, but from what I can tell, the way he spends money isn’t matching his income.  He told me that he wasn’t born rich, but his parents worked hard to become successful.  Because both his parents worked during his childhood, Casanova didn’t have anyone to pick him up right after school and would be waiting for hours with nobody to talk to.  So I can imagine how lonely that must have been, and probably was envy at the other kids.  Maybe felt some humiliation too.

Couple of weeks ago, I read a blog about how some gentlemen turn into a womanizer. According to the writer, it’s always related to his hurtful past which continuously haunts him.  I’m not a doctor, but I’m guessing that Casanova’s childhood traumatized him too. He told me that he felt the need to grow up early and be independent, so he started his first business while in high school.

Casanova had become successful at a young age, but the more money he had, the more spending he did.  He has an expensive taste, and when he wants something, he wants it right away. Therefore doesn’t shop online since he can’t wait for the package. He doesn’t look at price tags so he’s paying full price on mostly everything.  Good for the economy, but it shows me that he’s incapable of controlling his spending…  Casanova is an unstoppable person….  Once something is in his mind, it has to be done his way…

shun fuji

Casanova is extremely intelligent person, but intelligence does not make one rich.  One must be smart with money too… Unfortunately, Casanova is using women for sex first, then for money.  He’s currently borrowing money from me and keeps giving me excuses not to pay me back now, so I KNOW that I was used… Actually, by looking at his luxury lifestyle, I’m pretty certain that I’m not the only person he’s borrowing from.  Casanova will ask for money saying, “I’ll pay high interest. Think of this as an investment. I’m working for US.”  Couple of months ago, Raymond Holycross (29) was arrested for stealing from the women he was sleeping with. Casanova isn’t stealing like Ray, but his selfish act and disrespect for women is the same to me. Please don’t get me wrong, because I’m not saying that all womanizers would borrow or steal money from women.  I’m just trying to warn the ladies out there that, not only will he break your heart, some could involve you in a financial mess.


How age could be a problem…

This morning, I received the following text from Casanova:

“Hug- how about meet 4pm today for overnight… need to see you Babe… been too long. I’ll relax you… Look- I’ll pick you up, kiss on you… “

I didn’t go…

I met another woman who has also dated a Womanizer. We were casually talking about how stress could affect both mentally and physically, and I told her that I had a horrible experience with a certain guy, but he is still in my life… Usually when I talk about Casanova to friends, their reactions are quite big and disgusted by the fact he never uses a condom when he’s sleeping with hundreds of different women. (I don’t know his numbers, but I can sort of tell by the evidences left behind his apartment and car, that he’s sleeping with 7-8 new women every month while keeping 8-10 women for a couple of months. He’s too good of a womanizer which makes me believe that he’s been doing this for a couple of years now.

Anyway, this lady has been going out with a womanizer for 4 years now. She said that it took her over 1.5 years to figure out his betrayal… Apparently, this womanizer was also hopelessly romantic in the beginning, but eventually he wasn’t trying to see her on weekends or on holidays.  She first wondered why he was always emailing her instead of calling her on the cell phone. But like a typical womanizer, he said to her that he was extremely busy with family stuff and work. He would sometimes tell her to come over, but asks her to leave around 6pm because he has to work, or he needs to go to bed early.


Womanizer is always ridiculously busy. He has a job, family to deal with, and on top of that he is juggling with approximately 15 women by text, email, sleepover, etc. So of course he doesn’t have the time to call you or see you.  He will make excuses like “super swamped with work”, “family/friend plans”, “several meetings this weekend”…  If he does want to see you, it’s usually the LAST MINUTE since you’re probably his LAST OPTION.

The lady said that when she finally got suspicious, she pretended to go home one night, but instead waited outside his house…. unfortunately her instinct was right… another woman came and entered his house with a kiss…. That’s how she found out about him cheating… It’s been 2.5 years since she found out about his womanizing, and knows that he doesn’t love anybody but himself. But still, she can’t detach herself from him because he’s TOO GOOD. He knows exactly what she wants to hear, great sex, and sure seems to be a smooth talker.

Casanova told me, “once women have dated me- they have a very difficult time finding another guy that they want to be with”.  It’s quite true… Casanova purposely choses women over 35 years old because he knows that older women would dream of a younger guy.  Especially when he’s a 31 years old executive, 6’4 tall, athletic and good looking.  He doesn’t care if she has a baby or a young child. He would even invite her kid over to his apartment and doesn’t think for a second about how this could confuse a child. He just DOESN’T CARE!!!  He likes to keep a variety of women too. Lawyers, accountants, engineers, scientist… since he’s such a smart guy, he probably likes the thrill of seducing smart women and reconfirming that he’s smarter than her.  He knows that older women are usually more serious about looking for a man to settle with, so it would be a challenge to seduce her.  But he also knows that women may look strong, but are actually vulnerable…. So, it’s easy for him to create a fake future and make her dream… It’s all a game to him. If he gets her into bed, makes her fall in love with him, it’s GAME OVER.


How he enjoyed intimacy…

Casanova has another habit besides spanking… which may not sound odd, but he likes his penis to be touched in public. While walking in downtown San Francisco, in a restaurant, coffee shop, Kinko’s, bookstore… he would ALWAYS say to me “touch my dick!”.  Before I met Casanova, I thought that I had a common decency, but apparently when I guy ORDERS me, I don’t…

Before Casanova moved to his current apartment in Foster City, Casanova was seeing me quite frequently in public. He was always excited when he saw me and gave me an aggressive “deep kiss” no matter where we were… as if he were showing off to the people around us. This was one of my favorite moments with him and made me feel special.

According to Casanova, spanking, talking dirty, sexting, golden shower, touching in public, are all gestures of intimacy.  But I disagree with Casanova, since some of these are NOT intimacy…  it’s just him being a dominant man. He cares more about his sexual fantasy so it was always in his pace too… he would always forcefully manhandle me into the next position.  Yes I know that it’s actually hot, but when it was like that every time, it made me feel like I had no control, and what we were suppose to be doing together felt like a solo play.  I especially didn’t appreciate when he skipped the foreplay… Sex is intimate, but cuddling in bed after sex, kissing, laughing together maybe more intimate for me.


How dominant sex can turn bad…

Casanova can be gentle, but also can really be rough in bed. Dominant sex can be very HOT when played properly, but if it goes over the line, it’s just painful and turns me OFF.

On the second date with Casanova, he started to kiss me aggressively in a hotel lounge. Knowing that people around us were watching, half of me was saying, “we’re going to be kicked out! Stop it!”, but half of me was turned ON… While Casanova took care of the check, I waited by the elevator.  Casanova came from behind and kissed me….I’ve always liked a guy coming from behind to seduce me… especially when a big guy like Casanova is holding me from behind I feel secure, and also the inability to move around makes it exciting.

When we got on the elevator, Casanova slammed me against the wall…. I’ve never had a guy push me back like that before, and actually thought that this would be the last thing a gentleman would do.  But to my surprise, I found it really HOT.

That night, Casanova was ready to have sex with me (of course), but I wasn’t.  I had to fly to LA couple of days later, but when I flew back to San Francisco being exhausted and not feeling sexual at all, Casanova took me to a hotel.  I love having sex, but I had just got off a plane and was feeling filthy.

I don’t remember how late it was by the time we got to the hotel, but even though I was physically tired, my mind was thinking differently. The first sex always feels awkward, maybe a little nervous since I don’t know how he looks naked, or how he is in bed… I just don’t know what to expect…

Slap!…  Casanova spanked me.  I said that I didn’t know what to expect, but spanking was definitely NOT on my list. I took it by surprise and turned around… Casanova said to me in a gentle voice “Relax. I won’t hit hard. Just relax…”.  I’ve never had a guy spank me, and I knew this instant that I didn’t like it.  But I was incredibly stupid…. I wanted to have sex so I just let him continue with the spanking.

Since that first sex, every time we had sex, he would SPANK me. He would also pull my hair and kiss me forcefully, but I just could NOT get used to the spanking. Maybe some women like being slapped, but I was NOT enjoying it. When I tried to refuse, Casanova would tell me to “shut up” and spit on me… This only made me angry and I would spit back at him and slap his buttocks too.

It’s my fault for not being able to control the situation and I know that I was weak. But I also knew that once Casanova is done with the spanking, we would have passionate sex and multiple orgasms.

Casanova loved talking dirty to me, and mentioned about how he wanted me to urinate on him, or how he liked going down on me, or how he liked when I performed deep throating.  Cunnilingus is something that I can’t get enough of, and a little gag reflex was okay, but I was NOT willing to urinate on him. I had seen it in a pornography film, but it did NOT seem sexual to me at all.

One day, Casanova purposely didn’t unload his tank before sex and started to urinate all over me when I was giving him a blow job. Once he started to pee, he couldn’t stop, and I couldn’t move… it made me feel so small…..

Thinking back about his dominant sex, could it be that he is doing this to get back at the women? In stead of NOT having feelings for women, was he actually trying to show that HE was superior than women?


How some gentlemen chose to be emotionless…

Casanova is a great businessman and I highly respect his professionalism… or should I say… I used to… Now that I see him as a womanizer, I have nothing but disrespect. Casanova knows that I’m disgusted with his womanizing and that he needs to impress me.   I’m sure that any women who has been with him thinks that she’s his biggest cheerleader… except from me.  It’s really unfortunate that I see him with disgrace…

I’ve been wondering why Casanova plays with countless women… His womanizing couldn’t have started months ago. To be as good as Casanova, it has definitely been built up over the years. He’s only 31 years old, but can’t imagine how many women he has slept with so far…. and how many women had taken an emergency contraceptive for him.  When I found a child seat and blanket, I asked Casanova if he secretly has a woman raising his child somewhere.  But he denied… of course.  When I asked him about STD, he really got angry with me and denied….. Seriously, with the amount of unprotected sex he’s having, why shouldn’t I be worried?

The other day, I came across an interesting blog, “The makings of a Womanizer”.  This blog was exactly what I was looking for… An active womanizer wrote about why some men become a womanizer.  He says that ALL womanizers have a PAINFUL PAST which lead them to feel lonely… and ALL of them didn’t get enough LOVE from WOMEN, which has caused them to act out.

After reading the blog, I remembered that when I started dating Casanova, he often talked about his child life. How he was always the last kid to be picked up from school because both his parents were working. He told me how lonely he was when there were no kids around him waiting like he was… He told me a bunch of other things too, but I shouldn’t share it here since it’s too personal.


I don’t know why Casanova shared a lot about his childhood to me, but I didn’t think that this could have caused him to be a person with no feelings. Still, I don’t agree with what womanizers are doing to women. It doesn’t give them a right to create false pretenses. I don’t know how many times Casanova said to me that he loves me, and that we belong together...  I’ld rather have a pick up artist come to me and lead me to sex. In that case, I know what I’m getting into… since his intentions would be pretty clear.

How he juggles…

I’m assuming that there’s about 8-10 women who believes Casanova is a “boyfriend“. A boyfriend who she believes is in an exclusive, committed relationship, and dreaming of a marriage…. like I was one time…

Casanova probably dates about 15 women from every month too.

In a TRUE relationship, if a guy likes you, he will always come to see you. He will stay at your place, you get to stay at his place as long as you want, give you a drawer or a space in his apartment to leave your things, he may give you a key to his apartment, etc….  But with Casanova, he will NOT allow you to leave your things in his apartment. If you do, he will hide it somewhere.  He will NEVER give you a spare key.  There is no way you get to stay in his apartment for a week.  In fact, there will be days or weeks that you won’t even see him…

So how does Casanova keep his so called “girlfriends” loving him without doubt?  It’s simple…  Casanova NEVER forgets to text or call every one of them every single day. It could be as simple as “miss u” or “hug“, “kiss“.  Just that simple text reassures her. Makes her think that Casanova is thinking of her…



If you’ve been in relationships before, you should realize that it’s unnatural for him not to see you for days because he is swamped with work. Texting instead of calling? Realize the yellow flags!

In my case, until I found out about the womanizing, I was meeting Casanova quite often. But when I didn’t see him, he always called me. He would leave me long voice mails and many text messages too.  The call didn’t have to be long… but when I talked to him on the phone, I was happy the whole day… That’s how I know how other women manage to go through the day without seeing Casanova.  She will be thinking about him during the day, while Casanova is having sex with different women.

How women don’t see the obvious…

Casanova is an attractive person. He is extremely intelligent, but he has a sense of humor, listens to different kind of music, plays several instruments, athletic, taught Kayak and martial arts before, chess master and poker player… basically can do anything if he wanted to. This is why he can relate a lot of stories with different type of women.  Because of his many achievements, he can make his stories extremely interesting.

On top of that, he is 6″4 tall and fit, well dressed, and does NOT act like a 31 year oldCasanova always takes time looking in the mirror, gets a haircut every month at an expensive hair salon in downtown San Francisco… so yes, he is an attractive person.

Downside is, he is so smart that he could make up a story and lie easily. That’s how I believe that most of Casanova’s women don’t realize what he is hiding.


If he seems too good to be TRUE, he probably is.

In May, Casanova got a Porsche SUV and asked if I wanted a ride. He asked me “what do people think when they see me in a Porsche?”.  I replied to him “a SHOW OFF”.  Not only from his question, but it was obvious that one of the reasons Casanova got this car was to impress women.  And I KNEW that his womanizing was about to escalate…

Casanova knows that I can read his actions now.  I even call his apartment “playboy mansion” and call him a “player” straight to his face, but he still lies to me. Either it’s his policy not to reveal his life as a womanizer, or he doesn’t know how to be honest anymore.  I’ve found so many evidences so far, and it’s not funny.  Child seat, children’s blanket, ear rings, tooth brush, face cream, and many more…. To be honest, although I know he is a lady killer, I was shocked to find out that he is sleeping with women with children. He was allowing the women to bring her child to the apartment… What’s worse is that these women are not thinking about how this could confuse a child…

I’ve been in several relationships before, and I’ve left my stuff at his place too. Only because I knew that I was coming back, and it was ridiculous to bring them with me every time I visit.  So I understand why women leave things at Casanova’s place. They may claim to have “just forgotten”, but I know that women don’t forget!!! They leave their things on purpose.  You just DON’T forget a child seat or a blanket.  Probably these women have NO IDEA that she’s only ONE of the MANY women that Casanova is sleeping with.  Casanova tries to hide things, but he doesn’t hide it well. He always tells me “I have friends and family visiting“, but we BOTH know it’s a lie…