How I tried…

3 weeks had passed since I ended my relationship with Casanova. I was on meeting different men, and thought that it’s time for me to go back to speed dating. The last time I went was in September, where I met Casanova…

Speed dating seems more productive than online dating for me. Even though he maybe good with emails, sometimes I don’t get the same vibe when I meet in person. On a speed dating event, I only get to talk for 5 minutes each, but it doesn’t take long to figure out if I want to know more about that person… When 5 minutes seems long, I know that I’m not interested.  What I like the most is, that I get to meet about 15 men in one night!

I signed up for a speed dating event in San Francisco, hoping to have an interesting evening.

But 30 minutes before the event, Casanova texted me…

“Ugghhhh…u really screwed me up..
I just feel abandoned by u and having a very rough time
Hope ur doing okay”

This short text, messed up my mind… without a thought, I was calling him. Casanova answered… we had not talked in 3 weeks, but as soon as I heard his voice, I realized that I needed to focus on the speed dating… so I hung up.

It was too late… the damage was done… Though I was speed dating with 15 different men, Casanova was on my mind. Not only was I thinking about the text message, but I was comparing each men with Casanova… During the short break, I checked my phone. And there it was, another text message from Casanova.

“Just had car accident- someone did hit and run on my car in parking lot- they rear- ended me- I watched it happen from outside my car–horrible day..-:(  “

Why did he have to text me on the day I go back to speed dating… It was as if he knew what I was up to… I was upset about myself. I was easily distracted by Casanova’s words, and ruined an opportunity to have a good conversation with those men.

The next day, I was still feeling angry at myself.  So I texted Casanova, “Why did you have to text me yesterday. U screwed me up 😦  “

Casanova replied,  “Because I miss u and am disappointed in u”

And the texting didn’t end here…


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