How I learned about “womanizers”…

I met Casanova after he tried a whole week to persuade me to come back. He seemed so happy to see me again. Seriously looked like a boy who was ready to open his christmas present.  But I told him right away, that I only came to say “Good Bye“. His face changed completely… He asked me if I would change my mind, but I said “I can’t”.  We had nothing else to say, so I left…

A few minutes later, Casanova called, begging for another chance… He said that he was incredibly insulted that I left him, but he was determined to get back with me… Casanova had already lost my trust, hurt me badly, and I thought that it couldn’t get any worse… so I told him that if he tries another stupid stunt, I would be gone. Also told him to close the account.

Casanova happily agreed and came to me. He hugged me really tight… but that’s when I noticed that he was burning up. He had a FEVER!  To my surprise, the fact that I tried to break up with him a week ago, affected him mentally and physically. Don’t get me wrong. He was ONLY insulted because he’s never had a WOMAN leave him… I was upset with Casanova, but I couldn’t leave a sick guy… so I stayed at his apartment for 5 days until he got a little better…

Casanova was NOT a guy to be trusted… He was only feeling weak because of the FLU. When he started to recover, he said,

I don’t think it’s healthy to close the (Match) account.  I don’t think its healthy because it means u don’t trust me.
And I don’t want to be in relationship like that.  I need ur trust”

There was NO WAY that he was going to change for me.


You can’t change a person. Unless he truly WANTS to change, you can NEVER change him. It’s next to impossible. So stop trying.

I gave him the chance, but he ruined it in a couple of days. It was OVER.  6months ago, we met at the speed dating event, I didn’t think that we would be breaking up this fast…

I talked to a few friends about my situation with Casanova. One person randomly said to me, “womanizer”… That was it.  Casanova was a womanizer… I knew the word but didn’t link the word with Casanova.

I started to read about Womanizers on the internet. Most articles said the same thing… “Flashes his cash, over complimentary, king of nicknames, makes you think dirty, asks a lot of questions, Mr. Future…”

Casanova fit the profile, but I still wanted to know more. So I started to read about  “PICKUP ARTISTS“.  Casanova doesn’t pickup women at a coffee shop or at work, but he does use the same techniques once you meet him on the first date.  He must have taken this class or studied about it at one point, but have been building his skills over the years. It’s like a muscle getting bigger and stronger…  He’s only 31 years old. He’s an unstoppable person…. I don’t know how many women have been used by him already, and how many more will become his next victim



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