How he’s picking up women…

Earlier in our relationship, there was a day when Casanova and I were at a hotel lobby, and he was checking his emails on his iPhone. I had walked behind him and saw that he had emails from and eHarmony. He told me then that he had signed up before we met, and he keeps receiving junk from them.

At that time, I couldn’t care less. But now I got curious. I went and searched on …. I easily found his profile….. it reads;

“Hi- I’m hoping to connect with a special person, to explore the world together and build a happy relationship. Looking for someone who enjoys conversation and appreciates a healthy lifestyle. Some hiking/kayaking, drinking tea on a rainy day, getting on a plane and flying somewhere spontaneously, reading a good book by a fire…are all ideal activities. I’m accomplished in my career, un-attached and ready for a relationship.

Favorite hot spots: Favorite places would include anything tropical and anything that is classy and carefree. Cayman Islands, Hawaii are fav spots and locally anywhere there is a beach or a good trail to hike on…

Favorite things: Kale Salad, Smart phones- when they aren’t acting stupid, A misty morning at sunrise, a chess game with a friend at midnight, sleeping under the stars at a beach….and so much more.

For fun: I love to explore and learn, while enjoying companionship and interesting conversation. My time is usually spent building ideas or blazing a trail into the intellectual realm.

Last read: Reading? Who has the time? Joking—well, I read lot’s and lot’s of emails, as I’m a CEO…and that means lot’s and lot’s of legal contracts also…:( But, I’d say rich reads–such as Poe poems, Tolkien or genre’s which capture the imagination….”

Casanova was ONLINE within an hour I checked the site, which shows that he’s ACTIVE on The profile says “un-attached and ready for a relationship“.  I don’t know how many times Casanova said to me how special I was to him that he is taking our relationship seriously, and committed to me. He has called me a “WIFE” by mistake… or maybe that was on purpose… so his profile says it all… he is a LIAR

I checked for a few days and noticed that he is also checking EVERYDAY.  I told Casanova that I know about the site, but he gave me a stupid lie… “I let my friends do stuff with my account and profile- for their own benefit“.  Doesn’t it make you laugh? Seriously, why would your friends want to use your profile?! Why would you give your login password to a friend?!


Casanova is a successful business man, extremely talented and smart, but when I confront him with evidence, he can’t think of a better way to lie. Of course I disagree to lying, but couldn’t he think of a better line?! I used to respect him and found him very attractive when he talked about business, but now, I thought that I have overrated him.

After coming across the “Plan B/ emergency contraception“, I’ve been telling him that I’m walking away from him.  But he doesn’t get it! He would text things like;

“Why r u being strange– Miss u

Babe- stop–I’ll make u feel better when I see u…but please understand ur man has many meetings and unexpected things arise

Don’t be demanding on me–it puts pressure on me to be tempted to do things that I’m not ready to yet with u…

Don’t say things like that- now u r insulting me “if it’s true”
Don’t give me drama- please give me ur love…I only have love for u

Don’t be deceived by whatever u saw or speculate—its called talk to me about it–online profiles give incorrect data…To people”

(Casanova is extremely fast at texting. He would beat any dictation software or games out there)

Casanova asked me to think about what we should do on Valentine’s day. Despite all the arguments that we were having now, he owed me money, and I needed to get that back from him. So I made my mind to meet him for Valentines Day but put an end to this relationship the next day.


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