How he tried…

Ever since I found an opened “emergency contraceptive” box in Casanova’s apartment, I’ve been telling him that I’m walking away from him. But he wasn’t listening… So I decided to write an email… I didn’t want to be emotional about it, but I wrote a long email to thank him about the happy times that we previously had, and to apologize for my current behavior. I assume that most MEN don’t read long letters from women (from “FRIENDS” episode… remember?), so I didn’t expect Casanova to read it either. But I wrote it anyway…

Casanova called me the following morning, but I ignored it. And look how he replied by text…

“Messed up- I’m ignoring that email
What u doing today/tomorrow?”

The funny thing is that, on this day, Casanova accidentally opened an email with computer virus. Because of that, many emails were sent out, including one to me. The email contained many email address, which basically proved that he had been talking to MANY women on that site.  So I replied;

Me:  “Btw, your virus sent me emails w other email addresses attached. It gave away who you’ve been contacting. So many address!”

Casanova: “Ai Yo–its a scam u crazy girl!!
Think about it
Your smart
Love you
How about u come and I whisper poetry in ur ear
Trust can change over time–i will prove to you”

Me:  “you underestimate me. I was a system administrator.”

Casanova: “Then u know when an email is hacked that many strange addresses can do strange things- many girls contact me on match- u r making assumptions..I don’t appreciate
Come be with me

Ai O—look how much I need you!
Come be with me please

No more sacrifice- its honor to be with you
Please come to me—want me to pick you up?
Miss you

i will take action to build your trust more
Come stay with me next couple days- demanding woman
See me
Have dinner with me?
Let me please u
Stay couple days?
I have idea to build more trust- calling u now
We could have been spending this day together..:(
Want to hang out tomorrow?
U complain about me not being avail on weekends- well, I was avail today and tomorrow
Come see me today?
I read your email—I’m ready to get more serious with you—-I’m sorry for misunderstandings and hurt I caused you—I need you—you are the woman….you are what I need”

Casanova called and texted me for a whole week… Countless calls and messages telling me that he loves me and has a list of things that he would do to get my trust back… he even said;

“I don’t need u to trust me—Many many people trust me deeply and all my X’s want to get back with me…so, I know I’m a quality guy”

Nothing that I say to him was getting to him. He just would NOT give up… I decided to see him on Sunday, just to tell him in his face that “it’s OVER“.

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