How it finally hit me…

Seeing Casanova with another women on a Sunday afternoon was so shocking, that I went over and over the incident again in my head… Because I was so happy with him just few weeks before, I couldn’t believe the situation I was in. I had only imagined about how happy I would be with him… and didn’t occur to my mind of him cheating… In my previous relationships, I always picked on the guy and provoked a fight. Casanova was the only person so far that I never argued with… until now…


If he is TOO GOOD to be true, he really is.  You must NOT believe him. He’s FAKE.

Casanova knew that I was really upset, but he called as if NOTHING had happened. I thought that I needed to talk about this, so I went to see him.

Guess what I found in his apartment this time……

Plan B One-Step (emergency contraceptive)

plan B

It was a USED box… Could I be more insulted? There was also a women’s facial cream, but that wasn’t an issue anymore.  This was a WAKE UP CALL.  In stead of feeling sadness, I was actually getting ANGRY.  It’s disgusting that he is having SEX with multiple women without a condom.  I confronted him with new evidence, still hoping that he would give in and tell me the truth. Casanova replied with anger, “You went in my TRASH?! Are you crazy?! Do you hear yourself?! I have many friends and family visiting here. Someone must have left it! “

Casanova was never going to tell me the truth. He still came up with a ridiculous LIE. How could someone go to Casanova’s apartment, just to take an emergency contraceptive? He was getting angry at me for looking at his trash, in stead of apologizing about deceiving me (FYI I’ve never gone through someone’s trash before. But finding a pubic hair in the bathroom made me insane.)  We were both angry at each other that we couldn’t have a conversation.

I left the apartment with humiliation.


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