How he lied….

Casanova was a successful business man and extremely smart, but there were some things he wasn’t good at. He definitely didn’t know how to clean up, and not particularly good with electronic devices.

Casanova had given me his laptop which he barely used. I had worked as a system administrator before, so I was a little geeky. Plus I already owned 2 Apple computers, so I knew my way around the system. One day, I decided to make some changes to the laptop, when I came across some files.  I opened it……. and……….guess what I found… pictures of Casanova with an Asian girl. It definitely looked like a couple who had been dating for a while. She was leaning against him with a really happy face… The photo was taken back in October, when I was in Boston for a few days…


Ladies, please follow your instincts. They are more accurate than you think! Trust yourself.

I was in shock… In stead of panicking about it, I asked Casanova about the girl.  Without a change in his tone or face, he replied “Its just a friend. I do have female friends!”.  I did NOT believe him. I could see when a girl is in love. There is a difference in a way a girl takes a picture with a friend and a boyfriend.

This time, I noticed the YELLOW flag. But because I had fallen in love with him, I thought to myself, “this photo was taken in our early stage of dating. It was BEFORE he said that he was in LOVE me. So I shouldn’t be upset”……  you see how NAIVE I was?!

The day after New Year’s, Casanova texted me to say that he will be moving to an apartment in Foster City. That should have been another YELLOW flag since I live in San Francisco, but he chose to live between San Jose and San Francisco. He says that he has customers all over the bay area, so it make sense NOT to live in San Francisco. (Truth is, he knew that Foster City has many canals and nice dating spots).

Anyway, at this time, I didn’t know that this was going to be a hurtful experience…

He moved his things during the weekend with help from his family. On Monday, he told me to come over and stay the week. I was excited to see Casanova’s place since it would give me a better view of how his lifestyle is like.

It was a top floor, southwest conner, 2 bedroom/2bath with fireplace and gorgeous view. The compound had a jacuzzi, indoor pool in front of the canal… it was nice…

Since he had just moved in a couple of days before, the apartment was full of boxes, and there were a lot things that he would have to buy. But first, he greeted me with a glass of wine and chocolates. He knew that I don’t drink alcohol or intake sugar, it was Casanova’s way of greeting women, and said that it would be an insult NOT to drink the glass that a guy had given.

Then he took me for a walk around the canals of Foster City.

The next day, he told me that because he has been moving and trying to set up the apartment, he is BEHIND in his work. So he handed me his key to the BMW and asked me to go shopping on his behalf. I didn’t think that it was weird of him to ask me to go shopping without him. In fact, I was having fun driving his BMW.

Every time when I got on his BMW, I had to first remove the trash behind the seats. His car was a mess all the time. But luckily, I like cleaning, so taking out the trash wasn’t a big deal.

I ended up buying a lot of things on my credit card, but since he had a lot of income, I assumed that he would be paying me back immediately… I was too NAIVE not to doubt him…

Leo Ryan Park


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