How I’ve become his slave…

It was December, and Christmas was around the corner. He wanted to give me his MacBook Air, but also told me that he was thinking of something “girly” to give me too. While I honestly didn’t know what to get him since he seemed to have everything already.

Even after staying 5nights at the Hilton, he wanted to stay with me at a hotel close to his home in Orinda. He started to make reservations at the Lafayette Park Hotel & Spa (probably about $300 per night), a really nice romantic hotel. He gave me his MacBook Air as promised, but I decided not to give him anything.  What could I give him when he had an expensive taste and he was the one with money? I think that this was one of the best decision that I made in this relationship.


Casanova realized that he had my trust now. He knew that I was in love with him, he knew that I was interested in business topics, and that I would be a person who would follow his lead

He started to give me work assignments. He would ask me to compare CRM software, research an effective way of email marketing, etc… He was very detailed and really wanted me to dig into the subject.  I believed that I was actually helping him…… when in fact, he was just trying to keep me busy…  He knew that if he kept me busy, I wouldn’t notice the signals… (he never did have plans to start a business. It was ALL a LIE)

Christmas came. I had plans with friends, and he had plans with his family in Orinda. Usually business slows down during this time of the season, but Casanova tells me that it’s a WORKING HOLIDAY for him…


Womanizers are FAKE busy. A truly dedicated man would want to see you no matter how busy and tired he is. Womanizer is juggling with several girls, so he doesn’t have the time to see or talk to you everyday.

I was TOO NAIVE to notice that not spending the New Year’s Eve together was a RED FLAG.  Casanova was a Christian, so I can understand about spending Christmas with his family, but New Year’s Eve, there was NO WAY that he was going to be at home with his family…

And yet I missed that signal…

 (I found out later that he was in fact, staying in a luxury hotel with another girl)


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