How I was blinded…

Casanova and I were talking a lot more about business now. How he wanted optimize the working environment, how IT can be improved, what to name his new business etc. I’ve always been a person who likes to eliminate unnecessary steps in a workflow, so talking about business with Casanova was so interesting.

When I had forgotten about the fact Casanova asked me to invest, he brought up the subject again. He said that he had a lot of capital, but all of them are tied up and couldn’t be accessed. I told him to borrow the money from a bank or his family, but he said that paying interest to a bank is a waste of money.  He says that he would rather borrow money from me and pay the interest.  Plus he comes from a family that does not lend money. He even said that he had been homeless before…

I said to Casanova, “I don’t trust you.  Why should I lend you money when I’m not your wife, nor are we even engaged? We don’t even live together“.

Casanova was shocked to hear that after 3 months into dating, I still was not trusting him. He wanted to know why I was in denial, but also said that it’s too early in a relationship to live together.


Womanizers talk about “commitment” all the time, but when it comes time to actually make a commitment, he will BACK OUT. He is incapable of monogamy.

If you just read the words that I’m writing here, you would see the RED flags… If he was committed to this relationship, I think that he would have wanted to share an apartment with me. Yes I understand that its too early to live together. But there was a part of me that wished to give it a try. I’ve lived with a boyfriend before, so I knew what to expect. And mostly because I wanted to know him better…

I don’t know what he magically said to change my mind, but I was leaning towards writing a check…

A few days later, he called me to say that he has reserved 5 nights at the Hilton so he wants me to come over. Yes, 5 nights at a hotel that is not so far from his home….that’s a long stay. But during this 5 nights/6days, Casanova changed me…


At that time, he was using a MacBook Air and iPhone5 because I had recommended it to him. But he had always been a hardcore PC and Blackberry user, and the Apple products was slowing his job performance.  He said that he is going to give the MacBook Air, iPhone5, and iPad (which he had purchased before we met), and buy a new set for himself. I really thought that it was a waste of money, but he would tell me that if he can’t work on these devices fast, then THAT will be overall a bigger LOSS.

There was no use trying to convince Casanova, as he was too good at coming up with a better explanation. He thinks fast and could manipulate people into his way easily.

We went to the store and searched for new devices. When we came to the cashier, he claimed that his debit card declined… and without a thought in my mind, I handed over mine… This action shows that I had fallen in LOVE with Casanova, and that I was blind… He probably saw that too, and that’s how things escalated…


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