How I did not see the signals…

It should have been obvious when he had reserved the hotel for 2 nights, and he tells me that he wants to go home after the 1st night, but doesn’t pack his things. I must have been blind not to see his true intentions. I don’t even remember if he had called or texted me that night.

I guess that his dating style didn’t change here since he would call me late at night when he couldn’t sleep, or call me first thing in the morning, during the day… He came to see me, and I would take the Bart (train) to the East Bay to see him… we were seeing each other quite frequently.

One thing that did change was our conversation. He started to talk more about his business. He told me that he was thinking of starting his own business and asked me if I wanted to invest in it. (Of course I said NO).  He used “Ship” as a metaphor, and that he is a “Viking” building his own ship. He knows where the treasure is, but he does not have enough tools to build a strong ship that would not claps if a storm were to come.  If he waits for another half year, he would have enough money to build a perfect ship, however, by that time, the treasure maybe gone…

In other words, he was trying to ask me whether he should take the risk and start the voyage with an unfinished boat, or should he wait until he gets full resources to sail safely.  I told him that he is STRONGER than he thinks, and that I believe he could start his business now.

He was only 30 years old but served as a Board Member, President, CEO…. he was very smart and successful for his age. Talking to him was so much fun since he always had interesting solutions to a problem. So I really believed that he was capable of starting his own company.

We started to talk about company names, CRM, and website hosting… This made me feel like I was a part of his new career and wanted to support him in anyway that I can.  I was excited for him and very interested in the subject.

………. but this was only the beginning of a psycological  manipulation……………..


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