How he was back in the game again…

“I love you” was more powerful than I had thought. It was the only way to calm Casanova down, and it worked. Since we first met at the speed dating, I thought that I was in charge of this relationship. I didn’t act “cute” to impress him, nor did I pretend to agree with everything he says. He even said that I insulted him 7 times on our first date, and still do every now and then.  I didn’t have to ask him to see me, since he would initiate the call/text etc.  So I thought that he was really into me… that’s how naive I was.

Though Casanova had asked for a pause a week ago, the pause was over and we were back on. He started to call/text through out the day. I had to be in San Jose for 2 days for a meeting, but he was asking me to call him whenever I get the chance. He kept telling me about how much he misses me and loves me.

On the way back to San Francisco, Casanova called to say that he has reserved 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency and wants me to come over ASAP.  He waited for my arrival, and as always, he complemented me about how beautiful I was, and how he liked what I was wearing. Every time we meet, he would always give me a compliment which I got used to hearing, and expected to hear… I was getting spoiled…


Womanizers are overly complimentary. Not only he will tell you over and over about how beautiful and sexy you are, how he likes your outfit, makeup, hairstyle etc… he will talk about how smart you are, what makes you unique and different from other women.  If there was an award for “best compliment giver”, he would easily win.

Sex was hot. We were crazy in the “love” making and had multiple orgasms. But I think it was around this time that he started to ask me questions.  “I’m I the best fuck you’ve had?”…”Do I have the biggest cock?”…

I guess that I was supposed to just play along, but to me, it wasn’t turning me on. Every time we had sex, he would ALWAYS ask the same question… why?

Next day, he had called his friend PB and his girlfriend to join us in a hike. I had met PB a month ago, but not his girlfriend. When we got together at the parking lot, we introduced ourselves to PB’s girlfriend. But immediately after, Casanova started to talk with PB and walked towards the trail. I kind of thought left out, but I decided to talk with PB’s girlfriend who also gave a strange look at the guys.  I had no idea who she was, but I’m pretty good with strangers so I started to ask questions to find a topic to talk about.

Pretty much during the entire hike, we were walking in 2 separate groups. The guys, and the girls. I’ve been on double dates before, but usually there would be a time where the couples get together too. I’m sure that Casanova and PB had a lot to catch up, but still, I found it a little rude.

On the way back from the hike, we were supposed to go back to the hotel since Casanova had booked 2 nights, but he said that he is tired and wants to go home. I was bothered by the hike, so I didn’t care if we didn’t stay another night together.

But thinking back about this day, I’m convinced that he had asked another girl to stay at the hotel with him… he told me to pack my things, but he said that he will come back for his stuff later.  At this time, I was NOT seeing the obvious signals


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