How he kept me close by without seeing me…

Casanova actually drove 30 minutes just to pick me up and drive me to San Jose that Sunday morning. This really was nice of him, and I was falling for his kindness.

But now that I think back, I think that it was after this day that he started to look for the next victim. Though he texted/called me through out the week, he told me that he had family engagements that weekend. At that time, I didn’t doubt him, but I know now that whenever he says family/friend engagements, it’s a lie.


Womanizers are ridiculously busy. They are FAKE busy. They will make stupid excuses… which I found out a couple of months later…

It was the first weekend that I didn’t see Casanova. I had a lot to do that weekend, but I kept wondering what he was doing. Even though he wasn’t there, he was in my mind. He must have known that because he called to check how I was doing, and also to tell me that he really misses me. We talked for about 30 minutes, but just that one phone call made me feel secure.

The following week, I had to fly to Boston. I didn’t ask Casanova to drive me to the airport, because my flight was a redeye that was departing SFO late at night. I was in Boston for 4 nights, but Casanova didn’t text me nor call me. My barometer was telling me that there was something going on…

I called several times from Boston, but he never returned my calls. He knew when I was flying back, but he didn’t pick me up at the SFO airport. I texted him saying that “we should be able to talk if we’re in a relationship. If you keep your silence, I will never understand why you are upset with me. Please talk”.


Womanizers will blame everything on you. It’s never his fault. He will make you feel bad for anything that goes wrong.  (I found out later that he was seeing another girl while I was in Boston, and the day I came back from Boston, he was at a speed dating event)

I waited for a while at the airport, but decided to take the Bart back home. On the way back, Casanova finally called me. He told me that he was insulted as a boyfriend for not been asked for help, and not talking to him sexually was also an insult.  For the first time, I found out that he wanted me to talk dirty to him. He talks a lot during sex, but I didn’t know that he wanted me to do the same.


Womanizers does like dirty talk, but he’s only manipulating your subconscious in order to have sex asap. However, in this case, he was only making me feel bad when actually he was busy with other women.

I apologized for not asking him for the ride to the airport, and that I wasn’t talking enough about him sexually. He tells me that I need to talk dirty to him right now! But I was on Bart, and there were people listening. He said that he didn’t care, and needed to hear me talk now!

Of course I refused to talk dirty in public, so I waited until I got off the train. No matter what I said, he said it wasn’t enough. I had NOT talked dirty with my previous relationships, so I really didn’t know what he expected…

About 45 minutes on the phone, he told me that he is outside my place waiting for me…


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