How he first used the word “love”…

While he was on the phone with me blaming that I was the one being disrespectful to him… he drove to my place to see me. Though he claimed that he was upset, as soon as he saw me, he held me real tight and said, “don’t ever leave without me”.

I was relieved to see him, and realized how much I had missed him.

Casanova made reservations at the Hyatt Regency again, and we went. He said to me “you know how many girls I could have slept with today? Do you know how many women text me? I’ve had a woman ask me to escort her for 3K dollars”. Even then, I didn’t understand why he said that to me, because it sure wasn’t an attractive statement, nor did it make me feel lucky. So I just ignored his comment… Now that I know he’s a womanizer, I can tell how narcissistic he is from that comment.


Womanizers are extremely smart. They know how to manipulate women and they WILL get what they want. They WILL fulfill their wish and desire.  He will appear to be the QUALITY guy, but he doesn’t even care if you have a child. A womanizer will sleep with you… for a while at least… so it may take you a while to realize that you’ve been discarded. They are UNATTACHED and don’t care about your feelings AT ALL.

While checking in, he could not stop touching me. He was giving me a cute smile and wink, which made me really happy. As soon as we got into the room, he was ready to have sex.   He was treating me with so much passion, and more aggressive and wild sexual act than ever before.  Then he said to me “I love you”.  At first, I thought that I imagined those words, but since I didn’t say anything back, he said to me in a clear voice “I love you” again. Any girl would dream of your boyfriend to say that to you, but I’m a classy girl… the word “LOVE” shouldn’t be used so easily.


We had great sex. I must have knocked his brain out… even though he’s 6″4 and big, he couldn’t move for a while. I felt wonderful and rejuvenated.  So the misunderstanding that we had were gone… or so I thought…


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