Why we were staying in hotels…

Casanova had reserved 2 nights at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. He had several jobs, all that could be done remotely. He always carried a laptop and a mobile hotspot (Verizon Jetpack) so that he could work from anywhere.


But I was beginning to wonder why he wouldn’t take me to his place. Staying in hotels is a lot of money, plus the restaurants there aren’t cheap. I finally asked him at breakfast, and he replied “my mother is overly protective, so I don’t want her to find out about us yet. I have someone staying at my place right now, so I can’t take you”.  I had not told my parents about Casanova either, so I tried not to think about his excuse and tried to go with the flow.  But him being secretive about his housing situation made me get suspicious… Why isn’t he telling me the truth?

Casanova noticed that I wasn’t convinced by his excuse, so he changed the subject and asked me to write down a list of what we should do together.


Womanizer knows exactly what a woman wants to hear. He has NO intention of planing a future with you, but yet he makes you believe that he is committed.

It had been a month since we first met at the speed dating event. I was still trying to figure him out, but I created a “to do list” in his iPad… “Alcatraz Night Tour, Winchester Mystery House Flashlight Tour, Kayak, Monterey Whale watching, Jurassic Park Ride -Universal Studios Hollywood…” I wasn’t expecting to get all of this done, but NONE of this happened in the next 9 months…

It was then he asked me to go to Santa Cruz with him and his friends next Saturday. I really wanted to go, but I had so many things going on in the next 2 weeks that I said “NO”. I guess at this stage, Casanova was NOT on the top of MY To Do LIST…

So a week went by, and Saturday came again. Casanova called me to say that he is on his way to see me. I told him that I’m in SF downtown and really was busy, but he was already on his way to me.  I met him at the parking garage where he told me to get in the car… he parked in a spot where it’s less visible.  He got his penis out and asked me for a BJ. Crazy right?! Downtown SF at a well known large parking lot… asking me to suck… I could have ignored him, but at the same time, I had missed him… so I gave what he wanted, and he drove me back home.

Sunday morning, he called to say that he wants to meet me again before I meet my friends in San Jose that day. He asked me to give me 30 minutes for a morning coffee…. My barometer was telling me that if he is crazy enough to drive 30minutes from his place to see me for just 30 minutes, he must be really into me. So I tested him and asked “instead of coffee, why don’t you drive me to San Jose?”….. He replied “SURE!”…

Don’t you think that it’s so cute for a guy to be so desperate to see me, and even agree to be my chauffeur?! I really was liking him…


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