How I was introduced to his friend…

We met again during the week, and on Saturday morning he told me to bring my gym clothes since he wanted to workout together in Foster City (Peninsula Jewish Community Center).

He picked me up in front of my place in San Francisco like usual, and headed to Foster City. On the way, he told me that he has invited his friend to join us. It took me by surprise because I had no intentions of introducing Casanova to my friends since we were still just dating and getting to know each other.  But Casanova apparently wanted to introduce me to his friend already…

When we arrived, Casanova started to kiss me hard at the parking lot, putting my hand against his penis. He was getting hard in broad daylight, in the parking lot! I love sex too, but why does he get turned on so easily?


It was a beautiful sunny day, so we went to lie down by the poolside outside. His friend, PB came and I was introduced. Casanova says to PB “she’s a quality girl. It’s so hard to find a girl like her. It took me a long time, you know right?! She underestimates herself”.  PB nods…

Since it was getting too hot outside, we walked inside the building to where the jacuzzi was. Casanova and PB got in the jacuzzi but I stayed out. Right in front of PB, Casanova starts to kiss me. I’m a person who can be affectionate in front of strangers, but with friends, I keep it to a minimum so that they won’t feel uncomfortable. Casanova didn’t seem to care, but I did. So I pushed Casanova away…

We decided to go for dinner together in Redwood City (Milagros Cantina). It was a round table, but I sort of sat in between the two men. Then Casanova pulled my chair closer to him and started to kiss and touch me. I felt bad for PB and lightly slapped Casanova’s cheek. Finally Casanova got the hint that I was feeling uncomfortable, but he looked so happy. He would keep on complimenting me in front of PB. So I just had to change the subject and started to talk to PB instead.

We all had a good time and left the city. Casanova had reserved the Hyatt Regency again, so we drove back. I told Casanova that PB must have been uncomfortable with us kissing as if he wasn’t there. But Casanova said that he was actually turned on when I tried to stop him and slapped his face. What can you say when a guy is so turned on by you and doesn’t care if others are watching… In fact, Casanova wanted to show off that he was with me.  I should be happy with all the attention that I was getting, right?

Casanova couldn’t wait to get into the hotel room. He was getting excited in the elevator, while I was beginning to wonder why we always stayed at a hotel instead of going to his place…


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