How I lost count…

I lost count from our 3rd date. He was constantly trying to see me on weekdays too and texting to see how I was doing. My barometer was telling me that he was into me.

I had dinner with him on a weekday, but he wanted to see me on the weekend too. This time, I had my period. Knowing that he wasn’t going to have sex with me, he wanted to see me and take me to Half Moon Bay. Wherever we went, he made sure that there was a bathroom for me to go to. These little things shows how thoughtful he was being, and that made me comfortable being around him. He said to me “we’re taking care of each other”.


Womanizers is all about the “WE” and the “FUTURE“. Women love the WE talk, and womanizers take advantage of our weakness.

Out of the blue, he mentioned that if he were to have children, he would adopt one first. Then have his wife give birth to the next. I didn’t know what to say to that…. To me, this conversation was held way too early in our relationship or dating or whatever we were doing. Plus, I had never thought about adoption before, so I didn’t know what to think. I just replied… “oh”… and nothing else.

We went into coffee shops, restaurants, walked along the beach, but no matter where we were, he wanted to kiss me and also wanted me to touch his thing. I told him that there are people around us and that it’s inappropriate, but he would look around and say “now”. The amount of times that he asked me, I realized that not only he likes the thrill, but he loves sex.  Everybody loves sex, but we all have common sense, right?  He really didn’t care…

To my surprise, after a while, his wild act woke the erotic side of me that has been hiding all these years. I would touch him, do a quick BJ when nobody is close enough to see.


Womanizer will manipulate your subconscious into thinking naughty. It a technique to get your pants down ASAP.

After a nice day at the beach, he took me to a Chinese restaurant. He was a big guy, but clearly ordered way more than we could both eat. And he said, “this should be enough for you to take home for lunch tomorrow. Tell your parents that your BOYFRIEND is taking good care of their daughter”.


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