How he was different from other men…

Our 3rd date/weekend getaway was perfect. Casanova planned the entire date, ordered for me at the restaurants, paid for everything, and he was just so kind… In my previous relationships, I tend to find fault about the guy and pick on it. Basically provoking a fight…

However with Casanova, there was nothing to complain about. He was 30 years old, young and successful, smart and funny, and such a gentleman. I am 39 years old but he made me feel like I was younger than him. He talks to me with respect and encouragement. When I told him on our first date that I can’t cook, he told me that would be the least of his worries since he prefers a WIFE who spends time around him in the living room and not in the kitchen.

After he drove me back home, I realized that I had lost my cell phone during the hike or at the restaurant. At that time, I was using a prepaid phone, so I told him that I’ll just buy a new phone on Monday. But he told me that he can’t allow me to be stay away from him without a cell phone. Saying that San Francisco is unsafe and doesn’t want to take a chance of not being able to contact him when I need help. I told him that he was paranoid and that I was capable of taking care of myself, but he wouldn’t let me leave. He booked a room at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport and I gave in…


Womanizers use wealth to impress women. He’s already told me not to reach for my purse, but driving me around in his BMW, expensive hotels and restaurants, he was blinding me.

So our weekend getaway was extended… I felt bad that he had to pay for another night, but he smiled and said that he’s happy to with me. After all the driving that he’s been doing, I thought that he would be tiered, but nope! He was getting excited to have sex again. He’s 6″4 with athletic body, so he could easily pick me up. He had a lot of energy and was capable of keeping the sex going…

Monday morning came.. We had breakfast at the hotel, and once again, he asked me to go to the jacuzzi with him. He really must like getting into the jacuzzi with a girl because he went to the store to look for a swimsuit for me.

After checking out of the hotel, we went to a cell phone store in San Francisco downtown. While I was signing up, he had to take a business call. This call made me really like him. He was a different person… though he was only 30, he was a leader… I’m always attracted to smart men, but he was by far the smartest person that I had met.. the way he talked business was such a turn on.

After getting my phone, I thought that he would take me home, but he still wanted to be with me. So we ended up spending the whole day together…


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