How we spent our first night at the hotel…

I don’t know what time we arrived at the hotel, but though I was exhausted, I remember that I was kind of nervous… I’ve had sex with others, but I get this strange feeling when it’s the first time with someone new… He gets to see me naked for the first time, and I get to see him.  I couldn’t tell if he was a person who preferred a dark room, or were alright with lights etc.  I quickly realized that he wanted to make it romantic, but I just wanted to get it going!  It seemed to me that he was quite nervous too, so I made the move on him…

First time is kind of awkward, but after sex, we were kind of comfortable with each other. We took a long shower together and went to bed…

Next morning, I remember waking up with a smile. After having breakfast together, he insisted that we go into the jacuzzi. But I wasn’t prepared for a pool or jacuzzi, so I didn’t have a swimsuit with me. He told me how much he liked getting into a hot tub and so with a lady.

After checking out from the hotel, he took me to a mall close by.  We were already acting like a couple. He was holding my hands, kissing me in public, constantly telling me how beautiful I was, and called me “babe”. Of course I knew not to take every word seriously, but getting compliments does make a women feel good.


Womanizers will overly compliment you. He will look deep into your eyes and sincerely tells you that you’re beautiful, gorgeous, unique… Womanizers are overly romantic and charming… He would call you with nicknames like “babe, baby, sweetheart, sweetie, honey” to make a woman feel special, but actually saying it to not mixup the REAL names.

He then drove up the hills to take me for a short hike. All of a sudden, he toned down his voice and started to talk about how hard his job is, and all the pressure that he is facing, how much he hated his job… He was so into his story telling, that I just stood there listening quietly. I still don’t understand why he chose to share that with me that day.  Maybe he intentionally said all that so that I would feel as if I were let into his secret…

It was a nice hike… made me feel good, and made me get hungry. But he had planned all that! He knew that there was a restaurant with a nice view of San Francisco and the sunset. Everything was so perfect… really interesting guy, great view, great food…

During dinner, he wanted to know what I would do if I had 100K to start a business.  I told him that many years ago, I wanted to start a tea shop.  I was kind of embarrassed to tell him about that, since he is an entrepreneur who knows that most startup companies fail. So I assumed that he would criticize about my thought. But instead, he said that he would like to support my idea. He wants his WIFE to have a tea shop with a ZEN feel to it. He also said that he prefers that his WIFE stays at home, and only runs the tea shop as a hobby.


Womanizers know that women want to get married and settle down. So he will make you imagine a FUTURE with him. He will use the word “WIFE”.


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