How we got to our first sex…

After our second date on Sunday, he started to text me quite often. “Hi…..Hug…….Sleep well?”, “Feel free to call anytime—“etc. He also asked me to write down my schedule of the week so that he would know when I’m available. That week, I had planned to visit LA for 3 days. Though our schedule didn’t match, he continued to text/email me. I don’t tell the following to any of the guys that I date, but I have a “barometer theory“. How often a guy contacts me shows how much he is interested in me. If he doesn’t get in touch with me that often, I know that there’s something going on…

Anyway, he asked me twice about our second date… “By the way—one question I was wondering…..maybe you could give me an answer at lunch or later—-since we seemed to be enjoying our day, I was wondering why you were okay with me driving home that night—instead of inviting me in or asking me to take you to a hotel…..something I’ve been wondering.”

Since I didn’t answer, he asked me again… “Question—why did you not invite me to your place that night or ask for hotel with me?  Just take your best shot at explaining in email or call me please…Hug….Kiss….Miss you 😦 “

When I came back from LA on Saturday night, he was waiting for me at the airport in his BMW. I was exhausted from the trip and wasn’t feeling sexual at all, but Casanova seemed really excited… He had 2 options for us to go that night, and I chose the route on HWY1 north. I was so exhausted that I don’t remember what we talked about, but he drove to the Embassy Suites in San Rafael, playing jazz music all the way(he knew that I liked jazz). This was going to be our first night together, first weekend getaway, and for Casanova, finally getting under my pants after asking me out 2 weeks ago at “speed dating”.


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