How our first kiss went…

I had doubts about Casanova. We met at the speed dating event where I went with 3 girl friends. Out of the 15 girls there that night, he chose me and my friend Kyoko, knowing that we were friends.  He had a date with Kyoko first and kissed. Then went out with me couple of days later… Is that normal?

I kissed him on our second date… but I immediately pushed him away… Casanova had a beard that was hurting my face. Again, he was shocked at my reaction… a reaction that he probably never have gotten before.

He didn’t know how to react and went to the bathroom while I sat there thinking about the reaction I made… yes, it was rude of me… I know. And I feel bad for having done that to him.

I don’t know how long he was gone, but when he came back, I could tell that he was still in shock. Now it was my turn to fix the situation… as he sat down next to me again, I put my hands between his thighs… and to his “thing”. He immediately was turned on by hands… so turned on that he was all over me. I was concerned about the people around us watching with cold eyes, but he didn’t seem to care. I kind of got the feeling that if we didn’t leave now, the hotel would kick us out, so I told Casanova that it was time I went home.

Since he had been paying everything so far, I went to the bar to pay. Casanova came to stop me and said, “don’t ever get your purse out. I’ll take care of you from now on”.


A womanizer moves very fast. He is already telling me that he wants to take care of me… He had told me in his long email that he thought of me as a “potential wife“. A womanizer wants to reach his goal as soon as he can, so he doesn’t waste his time.

While Casanova took care of the check, I waited by the elevator. He came from behind, still turned on from earlier, he was touching and kissing me hard… almost as if he was ready to have sex with me in public.

But I’m a classy girl and don’t give in that easily. I asked him to take me home since I had some studying to do. And like a gentleman, he drove me back… told me that he’s been on many dates, but this was his BEST second date he’s had…


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