How our second date went…

The next day (Saturday), I had dinner with my girlfriends including Kyoko.  My friends were curious to know about the date I had the night before, so l became “miss chatterbox” and talked about it.  At that time, it didn’t occur to me that Kyoko was feeling uncomfortable about my story.  Though she told me to go on with the date, she may have hoped that he would be interested in her than me…

I found out later that Kyoko and him (I’ll name him “Casanova“) had talked about a weekend getaway. I didn’t know at that time, but while I was talking about Casanova in front of my friends, Kyoko had texted Casanova to cancel the weekend getaway.

Sunday morning around 6am, I received a text from Casanova asking me for a brunch in downtown SF.  He picked me up in front of my house. This time he wore RED pants, T-shirt, and Prada sunglasses.  Definitely gave a different impression, but I like a guy with taste, so his RED pants didn’t bother me. He took me to a fancy hotel restaurant where he had made a reservation before picking me up.  We started eating, and I immediately noticed that he was trying to touch me. I pretended not to notice that, and carried on the conversation. By the time we were done eating, it was obvious that he was interested in me.  He held my hand and lead me out of the hotel where he grabbed a cab.  I had no idea where he was taking us, but just went along with the flow.

We arrived at the Ferry Building where he had already checked the schedule for the next ferry to Sausalito.  I knew from Kyoko that he was a romantic person, but he sure was. He grew up in the bay area and knew all the romantic places, and how to make it romantic. He would tell me about watching the 4th of July fireworks from a Kayak, a beach where only Kayakers can access, lying down to watch the stars, etc… To me, he was TOO romantic… and didn’t understand why he was telling me about these stories.  It only shows that he’s been taking many women to those places, and makes me wonder why I would want to go to the same place? But I just let him be.

On this day, he mostly talked about himself. He talked about his childhood, his family, his job, how he can’t wash a car, back injury, past relationships… and time just flew by really quickly.  After going back to San Francisco, he took me to a bar, “The View”, in Marriott Marquis.  He knew that it was a nice place to see the sunset… with music… food… everything was planned perfectly.

Though he was making his moves, he noticed that I was not reacting the way he had calculated.  By now, I should be leaning against him, kissing, but I wasn’t.

It’s all because of Kyoko. The entire day, I thought about what would have happened if I didn’t agree to meet him for dinner on Friday.  Would he have been on a weekend getaway with Kyoko? Did I take Casanova away from Kyoko?

I told him that I can’t move forward with him because my friendship is more important than a guy. If he has anything going on with Kyoko, that I’m walking away this minute.  Casanova took his blackberry out and tried to show me the email that Kyoko sent. I refused to see the email, but he told me that from the beginning, he wanted to date me and not Kyoko. He thought that Kyoko was a nice lady, and because I didn’t respond to his emails in the beginning, he gave Kyoko a try…He looked upset that I was willing to give up a guy over a friendship. I guess that no girl had done that to him… so he tried to fix the situation by getting closer to me… touching me…

We had already spent about 10 hours that day, and I kind of felt bad for the effort that he had put in.  So I decided to give him a kiss…

This first KISS made Casanova excited… it was the moment he had been waiting for. A step closer to SEX


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