How we came to our first date…

After reading his long email, or should I say “love letter”, I thought that I should give him a chance. So I agreed to have a coffee/tea on a Friday evening. His emails were sweet. An email can sound exciting even though you can’t hear his voice. Maybe he really was excited to see me… he gave me a choice of 3 dates, all of which did NOT involve coffee/tea but DINNER.

I told Kyoko that I agreed to meet him on a Friday evening. She had been a long time friend, and I thought that she should update her since she went on a date few days ago.  She then told me about the day when a brunch that lasted until night, and that there is still something going “ON” with him.  Immediately after she told me, I thought that I shouldn’t see him because I didn’t want to get in they way IF something is happening between them.  But Kyoko said that I should meet him if he is asking for a chance.

So I did.  He came to pick me up on Friday evening, at San Francisco financial district. Though I had met him at the speed dating event, I didn’t realize how tall he was.  He was 6’4″, wore dark blue jeans with a belt, shirt, and a navy blazer.  He sure was attractive…


This is a hint that he could be a womanizer.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you should know that most people dress fairly casual.  Womanizers know that a “clean” look impresses a woman.

I got on to his white Lexus SUV, where he had planned where to park, where to walk, and where to eat (of course, he had made reservations). As we were walking, we passed a homeless person.  There are so many homeless people in San Francisco that makes me worry about the economy and how screwed up the system is.  I began talking about how many people lost their homes back in 2008-2009, when he told me about how the city could help the poor.


This is another hint. A womanizer will find a way to relate to your story. He will make you think that you have many things in common.

We talked about our 5 minutes at the speed dating.  While I couldn’t remember what we talked about, he remembered our conversation, how I dressed, how I talked, and how I was sitting.  This kind of made me feel bad, but at the same time made me think that he really was interested in me.

Couple of hours flew by pretty fast, and he drove me back home.  That night, I read his long email with the poem again, and realized how much he wanted to get to know me.  I sent him an email, thanking him for the dinner, and also to tell him that I read his email again.

He replied,  “Good night Lady….. Enjoyed our time….falling asleep and thinking of u… “


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