How the womanizing started…

I learned later, that when he met Kyoko for brunch, a brunch eventually became a 1 day event. Kyoko said that she had a good time with him and kissed him that night.  She also said called him a dating expert, a PRO who knew hundreds of ways to date.  Very romantic and a gentleman, who was extremely good at making a woman comfortable by complementing… After that day, they started texting each other…

While I didn’t know the details of their date or about the texting, I emailed him to let him know that I didn’t have the time for dating.

Next morning, he replied…


I hope you are having a good week.  Sad to hear that you are having these kind of thoughts…..I hope you realize that a relationship is more important than school though.  I’ve seen many people make a mistake of focusing too much on studies…when sometimes a relationship is what can bring them happiness and success in work also. Later in life..they often regret this–:(  
I applaud your focus in your studies…….In my case- as a guy who asked you out, I’m President of an association of accounting firms and law firms and many of my friends are managing partners of these firms.  I also work with leaders of the California CPA Association and the Senate Pension Reform, in Washington DC.  
As you know, the job economy is very bad now…and most MBA graduates have trouble finding a good job, or have trouble getting promoted once they do have a good job. If you find a quality/successful guy..who is connected, your career can blossom like a flower….so, I would advise you to focus more on dating.  Also, if you find a guy who really cares for you—he would be willing to wait for you…and be patient with your busy studies—as I would also wait for you.
In full honesty, when I met you  ….I saw you as someone who could potentially be my wife—I don’t mean to be insincere and I thought Yoko is also a nice Lady.  I was wondering why you didn’t respond to me sooner…but I understand that maybe you were not checking your email often.  Yoko said that I should give you a chance and I said that we maybe could all get to know each other better….
I’m a local guy, who grew up in the Bay Area….who respects you, your desires and your culture—so, I’m someone who could show around and teach some too….although I don’t drink at all, I do know about wine by the way and I have helped advise some of the wine industry—so I know some wineries and have company clients that buy/sell wineries.  
Maybe you will accept a possible time of studying with me—-we could meet at a coffee/tea house somewhere and I could work on my laptop or tablet…while you study….that’s an idea. I’m looking for someone who has time, and who can be available sometimes….but I’m also looking for a wife for longterm—very seriously—so, it’s all a bit confusing.  
I know that you seem to be an attractive and nice person and it was very unique to meet you.  I’m not going to meet someone like you—-you are like a Jade Jewel being discovered.  
I wrote this Haiku for you…hope maybe a smile may be on your face….
To Find, To Know
Like a Flower Blooming
Sat the Lady Pretty
Eyes Holding Mine
Smiling She Said
Doubting She Fled
Now Telling 
Dancing Prancing 
Hearts Go Leaping
Sometimes Sandtrap Traps
Like a Mt. Fuji
I Could Be To Her
Giving Water and Life
Her Eyes Are Staring
Sky High Above Is Empty
Her Jade Is Hiding
Sadness In His Eyes
A Carpool She Sighed
Riding With Friends To No End
Now A Question
Mind Has Much Complexion
A Lady With Haste and Taste
Tango Dancing Is Not A Flurry
A Dance Needs To Welcome
Giving Chance To Romance”

He had used a pretty bamboo background, which didn’t show up properly on my screen. In fact, the background was BLACK with red letters. So my first impression was, “what an awful taste…”. I was caught up on the black screen but read the long message.  When a guy writes you a long message with poetry, who wouldn’t be flattered?

This was the beginning of his “womanizing tricks”, and I didn’t know…


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