How we responded…

When you reply “YES” to those who you were interested in at the speed dating event, and the other person also chose you, your email addresses are exchanged.  I wasn’t sure if the “shirt/blazer” guy would chose me since I had already turned him down the night before. But here’s what I got:

“Congratulations! Someone from your recent DateSwitch event has logged in, made their selections, and chose you!
Go back to, log in with your email address, and view your past events to see all your matches.”

And I quickly received an email from the “shirt/blazer” guy…..


I enjoyed meeting you last night- at speed dating and I’m delighted to discover that we are a “match”–on the website. The site gave me your email address…so I hope it’s okay with you to directly message.

I was thinking of making some plans for tomorrow- Labor Day and wondering if you have plans? Or if you might like to join me for a fun activity somewhere? I’m also available tonight–if you might like to see some Jazz music maybe…”

I read the email…. but I wasn’t interested and didn’t reply… Then the following email came the next day.

“Good morning, 

I hope you enjoyed Napa yesterday…I found out from Yoko, who I talked to this morning. When you awake–feel free to text or call or email me—I will respond right away–650-XXX-XXXX. Yoko and I talked and thought it would be fun to maybe all meet for a fun activity today. Since Yoko and I are hungry and want some coffee—we are going to meet at downtown Redwood City at 11:45. I hope you join us….for a fun day—maybe we could look at art, or spend time in San Francisco or see a play/opera or hike or something…See you soon…”

It seems that he had also chose my friend too, and so did my friend.  So their emails were exchanged and started talking immediately.  I still was NOT interested and didn’t respond to his email.  I didn’t care if he got together with my friend, but another friend of mine told me that it’s impolite to ignore someone. She also told me to at least let him know that I’m not interested. After 3 days from his first email, I replied the following:

“I apologize for my late reply.

Probably heard from Kyoko already, but we had a wonderful time in Napa even though I don’t know about wine.  Anyway, I’m really busy with with studies right now, so to be honest with you, I’m not really looking for dates at this moment.
But I would like to be friends since you seem to be a warm person.”

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