How it all started…

It had been 3 years since my last break up…

I had lived with my ex-boyfriend for about 5 years but decided to part ways. We could have continued our relationship, but there was no sparkle between us.  It was boring, and we both wanted more. We both moved out of the apartment and started a new life.

However, did you know that after living with a person for a while, it actually feels weird not being around that person? Though I broke it off, I kind of missed him… I sometimes thought that I made a mistake of breaking up.  But as time passed by, I realized that I was just missing the company and not him.

For a while, I just wanted to just concentrate on myself.  I started taking dance classes, brushed up on my MS Excel skills, and spent more time with my family and friends.  And it was actually fun!  I was getting used to the fact that I could enjoy life without a boyfriend.

After 3 years, a good friend of mine decided to get divorced after a 12 year marriage.  I had often spent time with this couple, but didn’t have a clue that they had an unhappy marriage.  It was a shock to me that she didn’t discuss anything with me, but I wanted to respect her and support her.  She told me that she just wants to get back into the “singles” world right away and see what’s out in the market.  I had no intentions of finding a guy at that time, but thought it would be fun for me too so I went along with it.

My friend first wanted to try out a “speed dating” event.  I had heard of it on an episode of “Sex and the City”, but didn’t really know how it actually worked.  But I went along with her to San Francisco, and boy did I have fun! There were about 15 women and 15 men that day.  Women sat the whole time, while men came around every 5 minutes.  Surprisingly, I could tell if I were interested in a person in a few seconds. It didn’t even take a minute… so 5 minutes actually felt too long.  But I wanted to be polite to all 15 men, so I put on my best smile and kept the conversation as interesting as I could.  It seemed that many of them liked me, and started giving me signals.  Some would touch my arms or thigh, and some would lean over to get close to me.

Unfortunately that day, I didn’t meet a single person that I wanted to know better.


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